Now that you have your chairs, bar stools and booths, you need tables. Choosing a table top is much easier than any other restaurant furniture. Just think about the type of material you would need for your table top - whether it is solid wood, laminate, granite or any of our other options all you have to do is match your table top with the rest of your furniture's color and design.

The different tops are all perfect in their way, each one in a different setting. For example: a solid wood table top would best fit in a fine dining establishment or steakhouse while a round stainless steel table top will best fit an outdoor cafe or ice-cream shop. Regardless of your choice, our commercial grade table tops will ensure you get a high quality table that will last for a long time.

After selecting the table tops, you need to match them up with the right table bases, based on the weight and size of your tops. Weight is a big factor in your choice as heavier tables might look better but are harder to move and rearrange when serving larger parties. Depending on your venue you might want to consider the total table's weight when choosing your table tops and bases.

Our online guide will help you in creating the best combinations possible of table tops and table bases. Restaurant Furniture.Net can help you with all your seating needs - if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at: (888) 409-1115.