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Restaurant Furniture: A Guide to Ideal Cafe Furniture in 2021

Restaurant cafe furniture

Determining which kind of tables and chairs are best for your venue can be difficult. The following guide contains our recommended seating for Cafés.


Cafés tend to have high traffic, but the clientele is different than those of fast casual and quick service restaurants. Customers that frequent cafes are looking to enjoy a meal in a comfortable, casual environment. These customers will usually spend a longer time enjoying their meal. Therefore, comfortable seating is very important. Café customers are also looking for a more relaxing and classy ambiance, so stylish cafe furniture is also important.


Solid Wood Chairs and Wood & Metal chairs are well-suited for cafes. The wood has a more natural and warm look and wood chairs are generally more comfortable than metal chairs. The Wood & Metal Chairs are a good compromise for those who want the sturdiness of a metal frame and the aesthetically pleasing look of wood. Many cafes have outdoor seating and need durable patio chairs that can withstand the elements and heavy traffic. It’s advisable to buy patio chairs made with synthetic materials that are water resistant and will not fade in the sun. Aluminum patio chairs, which are made of faux rattan or bamboo, are a good example. The faux rattan and bamboo look like the real ones but are tougher, more durable and weather resistant. The chairs also have a strong, yet lightweight aluminum frame which makes it easy to move and store them.

When you are buying wood chairs and bar stools, high quality is especially important. Handcrafted, American made chairs and bar stools are usually of higher quality than cheap, imported chairs. Be sure that the cafe chairs are built with mortise and tenon style construction and that they have L brackets for additional support. Maple and beechwood are strong, hard woods that are preferred sources for chairs and bar stools. The seats should be made of at least 1” thick solid wood, not plywood. Also look for chairs that are certified by BIFMA, which sets the industry standards for commercial furniture. A good chair will also come with a structural warranty.


Booths are also a good seating choice for cafes, allowing customers to enjoy a more comfortable, quiet setting where they can enjoy coffee or a meal and have a conversation or finish work. Customers that frequent cafes are willing to pay more for better quality food and service and a more upscale setting. While Quick Ship Booths are acceptable for cafes, customers will generally expect something a little trendier such as a 3 Channel Booth or a 6 Channel Booth with more stylish upholstery. One advantage to buying a Channel Booth or a Custom Booth Custom is that they can be made in any shape or size to fit in perfectly with your café’s seating plan. Cafe booths are popular with cafes because they come with more upholstery options that can be customized to match the café’s décor.


Solid Wood Tables are a common feature of cafés because they add an element of sophistication and charm. The wood can be stained to match the seating and the café’s décor. Since many cafes have wood floors, wood tables are a natural fit. Veneer Wood tops are a less expensive option, which also has the aesthetics of wood. It is also important that you choose a quality table top for your café. This is one of the first things the customers see. A solid wood table top makes a statement about your café that you care about high quality. You can also choose a finish that matches your chairs and décor, or you can have one custom made. Laminate Table Tops are also a smart choice and they come in many options that make it easier to match the café’s décor. They can also combine a wood trim and a more durable, laminate surface such as Laminate Overlay and Wood Edge. Another good option for cafes that want a more upscale look is the economy granite table tops.