Wood Restaurant Chairs Comparison Chart

As a leading online commercial furniture manufacturer we know all your restaurant needs. This is why the following commercial wood chairs comparison chart will help you to distinguish between commercial grade wood chairs, like the ones we offer, and those of our competitors, which are designed mainly for home use.

For example, some stores ship their chairs with the seats unattached. Assembling the seat requires time that could be better used in other areas of your business.

This is why asking the right questions, when purchasing wood chairs, is important.

Remember to ask:

  • Is assembly required or do the chairs come already assembled?
  • Were the chairs tested for weight and durability?
  • Do you specialize in commercial furniture or do you mostly target home shoppers?
  • Do you have installations in my area or any references?

All in all, when purchasing commercial grade restaurant furniture you want it to withstand the heavy use that a busy venue requires. If it doesn't, you will eventually spend extra money within three years or less on replacing your furniture.

Our professional sales team is here to help you with any questions that you might still have.

Call (888) 409-1115 with any question or concern.

Restaurant Chairs Comparison
Our restaurant chairs vs the competition at arrival
Restaurant Chairs as they ship out
The durability of our restaurant chairs vs the competition
Restaurant Chairs as they ship out
Durability of restaurant chairs
Comfort comparison for restauraut furniture