Though people’s taste in styles may differ, quality is an expectation everyone has when it comes to furniture. One of the many reasons why to buy our selection of made in America, solid wood furniture is to have a measure of quality control. With domestic products, it’s much easier to be assured of a piece of furniture’s quality and craftsmanship. Safety standards are trustworthy as furniture created and manufactured in the US undergoes rigorous checks to ensure it is safe to use.

We also believe in supporting the economy and helping local businesses, especially in precarious times. When you purchase furniture made in the US, you are investing in our country’s future. You are helping create jobs for artisans, designers, and skilled craftsmen with every purchase you make. You are also encouraging manufacturing companies to keep their base local rather than moving overseas. Not only are you sustaining jobs for current furniture makers when buying US made furniture, but you are also ensuring employment opportunities in this profession for future generations.

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