Looking for that modern concrete table look to blend in with your patio’s design? We have a resin top lookalike that fits the bill (literally) and is much lighter and easier to move around. How about a distressed wood restaurant table top that can withstand the elements and last for years? We have that too. Our resin tabletops fit most decors and needs.

What are resin tables?

Our resin table tops are combination of a dense wood core with a thick high impact resin cover. The square / rectangular and round resin table tops are available in various colors and sizes.

Are resin table tops durable?

Resin is a very strong and extremely durable material and that is one of their main popular features. The strong thick resin coating is tougher than wood and less likely to crack compared to granite for example. A fact that influences people’s choice when looking to buy restaurant table tops.

Does resin scratch easily?

Even though resin is a very strong and durable material, it can still get scratched and slightly damaged through heavy use. The good thing is that you can use clear epoxy to fill in any scratches and quickly have your restaurant tables looking as good as new.

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