If you are looking for a way to add vivacity to your dining room, reception area or hotel lobby, these chairs serve several purposes in a dining room and provide a welcoming place to eat and socialize with their comfortable upholstered design. Our complete line of upholstered dining chairs includes:

  • modern, vintage, classic or timeless
  • trendy Nordic style
  • wood, metal or aluminum
  • leather, vinyl or tufted

Unbeatable versatility and comfort

They include all types of indoor seating suitable for banquet halls, hotel lobbies, fine dining restaurants and even senior living environments.

Due to their superb comfort and durable built, upholstered restaurant dining chairs add to the likelihood of people staying longer at your venue. They are also very stylish and will bring a sense of refined elegance to any dining table as well providing a classic yet timeless look.

When paired with our restaurant tables, the perfect match made between functionality and elegance in your dining room will be noticed. Whether you are looking for a modern décor or a more traditional design, having high quality upholstered restaurant dining chairs, sets the tone for your room. Choice of upholstery, material and frame finish are available for each product. [-] hide