With this in mind we have kept you spoiled for choice. From round and square tops to drop leaf and custom made ones you need not look any further for your new table-tops.

Why buy table tops and not tables?

Buying restaurant tables may seem easier and it probably is to an extent but it leaves you with fewer options for your table. Most restaurant tops and bases sets are fixed. Meaning that you have no say in the design of the table base you get. And there are some very nice designs available.

Also, as table tops have to withstand more abuse over time, they will probably need replacing sooner than the table bases so buying tops on their own can actually save you money.

Can I use outdoor table tops in an indoor setting?

You most certainly can if it fits your décor. The other way around is less recommended however.

While commercial table tops are made to be long lasting exposing indoor ones, especially those made of wood, to the elements is not advisable. Strong UV radiation or long exposure to humidity and water will invariably shorten their lifespan. That is why we made sure to have a wide range of faux teak and resin patio tables and table tops which are perfectly suitable for outdoor use looking as good as wood but being weather resistant.

How to choose the right table top size?

We have no doubt that you can find the perfect top to fit your design but now you need to choose its size and the correct table base size to match it. Our online table tops and bases guide will help you in creating the best combinations possible of table tops and table bases. And if you want to check that you have the correct table top size we recommend you go over our restaurant tables seating capacity diagram.

If you prefer our restaurant furniture experts to assist you in the process call (888) 409-1115 toll-free or use our live chat option.

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