Restaurant Flip - Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Restaurant Flip that Enhances Customer Satisfaction

When a restaurant is first open it is done so with the hope that it will last for years to come. While many restaurants succeed some end up closing down while other just mange to stay afloat. One thing many restaurants have in common is an outdated décor and interior that doesn’t fit in with the needs of their customers. Sometimes all a restaurant needs to succeed is a re-design.

Why you shouldn’t buy used restaurant furniture?

Why you shouldn’t buy used restaurant furniture?

It can be tempting to buy used furniture when opening a new restaurant. Some people think this is a good way to save money, especially if you have a limited budget. The truth is used restaurant furniture isn’t always cheaper and there are many disadvantages and downsides to this option and it may end up costing you more. Here are some fallacies regarding used commercial furniture:

Where Did Diners Originate & Why they Look Like Train Cars?

Historical Glimpse of Classic Diners: From Dining Cars to Fast Service Restaurants

Novel, charming and quintessentially American, there is nothing like a classic diner. A combination of a shiny interior, theatrical décor, laminated restaurant tables, cramped diner booths, nostalgic wall art, with low priced comfort food is an American staple. Whether you are on a road trip looking for somewhere to stop into eat or looking to grab a quick bite, you can count on an iconic diner to get it right. However, you may notice that most of these diners bear a striking resemblance to train cars picked off the rails and placed in a city street because that is how they essentially once were.

Commercial Furniture and Design by Venue Type

Commercial Furniture and Design by Venue Type

Today, there are many types of food service styles in the restaurant industry. From fast-food to family casual restaurants, the options are endless. If you are contemplating about launching your own restaurant, there is one major decision you need to make. Styles of service in restaurants determine the layout, restaurant furniture, inventory, menu, food prices, and décor theme of the restaurant itself. Different types of restaurant service are attributed to personal preferences, location and target market. Familiarizing with the characteristics of the various types of food service styles can help you select the right theme, style, and concept, and furniture for your restaurant.

Top 5 Hotel Sustainability & Green Initiatives: Best Practices

5 Great Sustainability Initiatives for the Hotel Industry

Sustainability in the hospitality industry has gained significant attention over the past several decades. Around the globe, discussions on the issue of sustainability in hotel industry are still ongoing as trends and challenges are constantly emerging. Hoteliers have especially turned their focus to the importance of environmental sustainability as it heavily relates to their industry in terms of hotel development and operations extending to economic and social impact. Sustainability is one of the issues we are currently addressing which is one of the reasons why hotels should go green.

Key Features of the Best Restaurant Reservation Systems

What are the Key Features of the Best Restaurant Reservation Systems?

Technology has and continues to touch every facet of our lives. From the emergence of mobile devise to cloud computing, technology is making more of an impact in our business ventures. It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without finding a high-tech piece of hardware or software around. These technical advances have made an impact everywhere, but especially in the food industry. At the very least, the innovation of technology plays an integral role in the development of the restaurant reservation system which most food service establishments are utilizing to the maximum.

Common Restaurant Startup Business Mistakes

Common Restaurant Startup Business Mistakes Owners and Managers Make

Restaurant managers and staff alike share a common goal which is to climb the professional ranks in the food industry. Most people enter the realm of the restaurant business with hopes for opportunity and success in their endeavors. And if you are especially beginning to embark on your own journey of running your own business, the last thing you would anticipate is failure. But every now and then, we become blindsided by our delusions of grandeur and ignore the risk factors which can cost us time, money, and our business.

Cyber Security in the Hospitality Industry

What Restaurant Owners Need to Know about Cyber Security

The food and hospitality industry is vulnerable to cyber security threats and attacks like as any other industry. Hackers literally have various dining establishments in their cross hairs. After recently being alerted by government officials, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Brews informed shareholders that criminals have targeted restaurants to mine personal data about staff and customers alike. Hence, cyber security directly affects the restaurant business as well as patrons. Losing customers’ personal information can potentially reduce a restaurant’s foot traffic. However, this predicament can be avoided if restaurant owners are proactive in securing the IT infrastructure which can save them a lot of money but most importantly, create a safe environment for their customers.

Restaurant Trends that are Going Mainstream in 2018

Restaurant Trends that are Going Mainstream in 2018

With 2017 making its exit, 2018 ushers in new trends, new goals but above all, new restaurant décor ideas. Realistically speaking, most restaurants don’t change their décor annually but there are touch-ups that can be used that match with the theme. New food industry trends are constantly in the making. The restaurant business is evolving so rather than bucking the trend, embracing changes can create business opportunities and drive sales. Whether you are looking to open a restaurant or need to remodel your current venue, below are several restaurant trends for 2018 to consider.

Make the Most of Your Restaurant Business during a Slow Season

Make the Most of Your Restaurant Business during a Slow Season

Business can fluctuate and unfortunately the restaurant industry is not immune to slow seasons. When the economy is prospering, customer numbers remain steady or increase. Moreover, seasonal changes can have an impact in the restaurant business as well. For instance, during the hottest days of summer or the winter’s frigid temperatures may discourage patrons from visiting your restaurant which can have a drastic effect on your revenue. As difficult and sometimes hopeless as the circumstances may seem, there are ways to keep business running its course even when it come to a standstill.

6 Restaurant Pet Peeves to avoid - Food & Customer Service

Restaurant Pet Peeves Guests Have That Can Be Avoided

These days, a dining establishment is more about the drink and food listed on the menu. The service as well as the interior design and seating layout also enter the equation. As an owner, you may be doing several things that are detrimental to your business without realizing. More often than not, customers won’t give you their feedback. Instead, they may not do as much business with you – or even worse – won’t visit your venue again affecting your revenue for the worse.

Modern Industrial Restaurant Design - Latest Trends

The Latest Trends of Modern Industrial Restaurant Designs

Modern industrial design is a widespread concept for restaurants and any other commercial environments. While this notion is commonly used in industrial premises, many restaurant interior designers are increasingly applying the raw, rough, and down-to-earth aesthetic as a modern restaurant décor. It’s a growing trend that is being embraced in the hospitality industry.

Aluminum Laminate Table Top - Measurements & Design Presents The Aluminum Edge Laminate Table Top

The Aluminum Edge Laminate Table Top was recently added to’s full section of laminated table tops. Like the rest of the laminated table tops, the aluminum edge come in many shapes and sizes in a vast array of styles and colors, including custom laminates. Included are also wide range sizes, of colors and patterns to customize this laminated table top.

Restaurant Ambiance - How Can it Impact your business?

Restaurant Ambiance - How Can it Impact your business?

For many entrepreneurs, especially for restaurant owners, embarking on a business success can be a long journey with rewards that await them for their tireless efforts, creativity, meticulous planning and timely execution. But ideas that help us meet success in our business ventures don’t always translate into our personal lives.

Competition is a quality that must be factored in when paving the path for running a successful restaurant or any business. At the same time, however, we all have a limited amount of time to focus on the things we want to accomplish both in our personal lives and entrepreneurial adventures.

Commercial Grade Furniture vs Residential: Insights & Tips

Insights into Commercial Grade Furniture and Residential Furniture: What You Need to Know

When purchasing furniture for any venue, one should keep in mind that there is a difference between commercial grade furniture and residential furniture. Interior design services vary from residential and commercial spaces.

Designer Series Restaurant Table Bases are Now In Stock at

Designer Series Restaurant Table Bases are Now In Stock at puts a modern spin on table bases with their latest collection: Designer Series Restaurant Table Bases. These decorative table bases offer sturdy support and assemble perfectly with our selection of table tops. Made exclusively for high traffic commercial environments, the Designer Series table bases assure long lasting durability in rigorous environments of the hospitality industry.

Bar and Nightclub Interior Design - Latest Nightclub Trends

Bar and Nightclub Interior Design - Latest Nightclub Trends

A lot of interior designers cringe to the mere mention of design trends. Many will say that a true design doesn’t follow a trend but the other way around. We, as a society, have trends which we create, develop, and follow. A great interior design can contribute and reflect on the trends we set for society.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Restaurant: Interior Design Tips for 2017

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Restaurant: Interior Design Tips for 2017

When January rolls around, everyone vows to make lifestyle changes whether it is to lose weight, save money, or spend more time with family and friends. Upgrading the layout and interior design of your dining venue should also be your goal for the coming year.

Most business owners are constantly evaluating their success, when they formulate, strategize, and optimize plans for their commerce. The food industry is not exceptional. To help you off to a strong new beginning, resolutions are provided that is guaranteed to make your commercial environment shine on top of generating more revenue.

Interior Designs and Layouts for Bars and Pubs

Principles of Interior Designs and Layouts for Bars and Pubs

When it comes to conceptualizing an interior design or layout for your commercialized venue, common sense dictates that there should be a place for everything and everything should have a place. In other words, tidiness, organization, and putting things where they belong are crucial to operating a (successful) dining setting, especially bars and pubs. Constraints of a bar or a nightclub are poor interior designing, lack of conceptualization in layouts, worn out furniture, incompetent staff, and insufficient cocktail stations. While putting serving utensils, liquor, and glassware in their appropriate selves are good places to start with, the true secret to running an efficient drinking spot is meticulous planning of a bar layout and/or a pub interior design.

How Restaurant Design Can be Used to Increase Traffic

How Restaurant Design Can Use the Senses to Increase Traffic

When making a restaurant design plan, it’s important to consider what kind of ambiance you want to create for your customers. By giving your customers a complete experience that engages all of the senses, this will increase traffic to your restaurant in several ways. Satisfied customers who have enjoyed delicious food complemented by visual, acoustic, aromatic and haptic stimuli will likely return as repeat customers. These same satisfied customers will also increase your business by word of mouth. Foot traffic from the street will also increase when potential customers are exposed to an inviting exterior, large windows showing a visually pleasing interior, an enticing aroma of your baked goods wafting through the air and alluring acoustics will all draw people in.

Tips and Layout Design Ideas for Hotel Restaurants

Tips and Layout Design Ideas for Hotel Restaurants to Enhance Customer Experience

Dining experiences can make an everlasting impression on the customer. Culinary sophistication and high standards can generate positive memories hotel guests but what ultimately sets you apart from your competitors is your hotel design and layout. The right customer service, commercial hotel furniture and hotel restaurant design can help achieve your business goals and ensure that visitors will return. Hotel restaurants differ from independently owned restaurants in many ways, however.

Incorporating Patio Design with Outdoor Venue

Incorporating your Patio Design into your Outdoor Dining Venue

Summer is often associated with beaches, barbecues, swimming and virtually anything related to spending time outdoors. Outdoor dining is fashionable all year round. For diners, pleasant weather creates a romantic ambiance for them. For the restaurant staff, outdoor dining is an extension of their venue.