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Restaurant Furniture: News, Guides, Posts & Articles

Thinking about running a restaurant business one day? Need resources for restaurant management? In today’s competitive hospitality market , being well equipped with the best and most recent information is essential. We take a keen interest in our customers’ business endeavors and want to help you achieve success. Our articles section focuses on giving you the tips and tools to run a lucrative and successful operation.[+] read more

With over a decade of experience and expertise working in the food service and hospitality industry, we understand the wide variety of responsibilities business owners and managers have to shoulder. Here, you will be given the confidence, strength, inspiration, motivation and guidance to maximize your efforts, reap the benefits of running your restaurant business and veer into the path of success.

The most successful restaurant owners are the ones who use every opportunity to learn more about the industry and assume more responsibilities without overwhelming themselves. From knowing every type of food that leaves the restaurant kitchen, to finding the right provider and learning the ins and outs of the business, we want to be part of the journey and help you in every step of the way. Conquering all aspects of restaurant management will not only make you a competent manager but will also increase your knowledge base making your business more marketable, hence worth more.

What will you find in our restaurant articles section?

Our articles cover a range of topics and address every issue pertaining to the hospitality industry. From business mistakes to avoid to cyber security tips for restaurants, increasing sales during slow months, lowering costs, enhancing restaurant ambiance and more, we cover a variety of subjects to help you manage your restaurant. We help you familiarize yourself with topics relating to grand openings, start-up loans, labor laws, restaurant trends, reservation systems as well as hotel sustainability initiatives.

Our articles will guide you through every stage of owning and running your business from choosing a concept, identifying your brand, targeting your audience, customer acquisition, customer retention, reducing overhead cost, and obtaining permits and licenses. Need help writing a business plan for your restaurant? Looking to develop and optimize marketing strategies to increase foot traffic to your establishment and generate more sales? Our article section is frequently updated with everything you need to know about the food service industry. To start off, here is a great article on enhancing customer satisfaction using an actual restaurant design flip including to-size before and after floor plans.

Managing a restaurant can easily become overwhelming. Coming up with a mission statement for your restaurant is straightforward in most cases. You should ask yourself why you are in the food service business, what sets you apart from your competitors and what you hope to achieve. Not only are our articles great resources for running a business but they also help you prioritize. While a mission statement is relatively simple, things can become more complicated when it comes to a restaurant’s strategy. A restaurant’s strategy is a road-map that defines how a business’s mission will be accomplished. It will tell you what to prioritize and drive the decisions you make for your business. On some level, your decision should push you towards achieving your mission. Building a business from the ground up is neither a simple task nor an overnight process and we aim to provide you with useful resources relevant to the hospitality industry.

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