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Commercial Wood Seats Comparison

For your convenience, we have created a short comparison of the differences between Plywood and Solid wood seats.

  • Plywood seats are thinner than solid wood ones
  • Unlike solid wood seats, plywood seats tend to crack with heavy use, which means more seat changes will be required
  • The beauty of a solid wood seat is inherited from the grain in the wood; the plywood seats however, will have a flat look

Warning: A "Wood Seat" doesn't necessarily mean a Solid Wood Seat. Most vendors will use a "wood seat" when eventually you will receive a plywood seat, which is a cheap product and inferior in quality.

Our Restaurant Furniture vs the Competition

Check with your vendor before purchasing your chairs and be sure to ask the right questions. Call us at (888) 409-1115 with any questions and concerns.

Restaurant Chairs Comparison
Our restaurant chairs vs the competition at arrival

The natural beauty of solid wood compared to the flat look of plywood made of thin wood sheets glued together

Restaurant Chairs as they ship out
The durability of our restaurant chairs vs the competition

Solid wood allows wood stain to penetrate deep inside. This reduces the appearance of scratches and dents in the stain. The glue used in plywood prohibits deep absorbance of the stain and is mainly absorbed in the top layer. This is why plywood seats are more prone to scratch and dent and have a less vibrant look.

Comfort comparison for restaurant furniture