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Table Bases Guide

There is a table base for every table top but it’s a matter of finding which items are compatible for each other and which combination will bring your restaurant the best appearance. Not all table tops can be matched with any base you select and the reverse. Like table tops, bases come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. Table tops provide a solid surface while bases are the foundation that offers support.

Our restaurant table bases are built to withstand the rigors of daily use in any busy bar or restaurant. In addition to being sturdy, we have a wide variety of table top options. Beyond their practical purpose, table-tops do a lot to determine presentation, perceived value, and the style of a restaurant.

What type of restaurant tables do you need and how many?

That all depends on how big your interior space is. If you are familiar with the variety of table styles, your decor can be a deciding factor in which type of table is best for you. But not all custom table tops and bases come attached to each other. The guide below illustrates the various types and sizes of table tops we sell as well as recommended bases to pair together with.

SQUARE TABLES Table Size Base Size
24 x 24 22x22 or 17" Round
30 x 30 22x22 or 17" Round
36 x 36 30x30 or 22" Round
42 x 42 36x36 or 30" Round
24 x 30 22x22 or 17" Round
24 x 42 22x30 or 22" Round
24 x 48 22x30 or 22" Round
30 x 42 22x30 or 22" Round
30 x 48 22x30 or 22" Round
30 x 60 (2) 22x22 or (2) 17" Round
30 x 72 (2) 22x22 or (2) 22" Round
ROUND TABLES Table Size Base Size
24" Diameter 22x22 or 17" Round
30" Diameter 22x22 or 17" Round
36" Diameter 30x30 or 22" Round
42" Diameter 36x36 or 30" Round
48" Diameter 30" Round
54" Diameter 30" Round
60" Diameter 30" Round

Now that you have your commercial chairs, bar stools and booths, you need tables. Choosing a table top is much easier than any other restaurant furniture. Just think about the type of material you would need for your table top - whether it is solid wood, laminate, granite or any of our other options all you have to do is match your table top with the rest of your furniture's color and design.

The different tops are all perfect in their way, each one in a different setting. For example: a solid wood table top would best fit in a fine dining establishment or steakhouse while a round stainless steel table top will best fit an outdoor cafe or ice-cream shop. Regardless of your choice, our commercial grade table tops will ensure you get a high quality table that will last for a long time.

What types of tables bases can I choose from?

While there are countless styles of commercial tables bases available to match your decor and needs, 3 of the most popular ones are the ones below:

Cast Iron X Prong Table Base

Cast Iron X Prong Table Base

This basic table base design allows you to create a functional, wobble free, restaurant table with the focus remaining on the table top, the rest of the furniture and the interior decorations.
Cast Iron Round Table Base

Cast Iron Round Table Base

The round base,while similar to the X prong, is heavier and and should be used on heavier table tops such as Granite and larger sizes of solid wood table tops.
Outdoor X Prong Table Base

Outdoor Aluminum X Prong Table Base

Ideal for outdoor use as well as indoor, this beautiful aluminum base is weather and rust resistant providing your patio tables with a sturdy base through years of use.

After selecting the table tops, you need to match them up with the right table bases, based on the weight and size of your tops. Weight is a big factor in your choice as heavier tables might look better but are harder to move and rearrange when serving larger parties. Depending on your venue you might want to consider the total table's weight when choosing your table tops and bases.

Our online guide will help you in creating the best combinations possible of table tops and table bases. If you are opening a new restaurant or redesigning an existing restaurant or any other type of venue then you can rely on our team. We will help you choose the right table bases for your restaurant! Shop our selection of high quality and well-built restaurant tables, table bases, tabletops and more. If you need any custom table work done or help with the interior design of your restaurant, just give us a call at: (888) 409-1115.