What You Need to Know

When searching for American made furniture, it’s important to note that there are varying degrees of “Made in the USA” as there are different degrees of environmentally friendly furniture. For instance, some furniture manufacturers and local furniture stores import wood from overseas and build the furniture locally. Then there are other high-end furniture stores and furniture manufacturing companies like us that use locally harvested wood and custom make furniture to customer specifications. These products are 100 % made in the USA which is what makes their quality and craftsmanship so unique.

Why You Should Buy US Made Restaurant Furniture

Most people want to know where their furniture and other items come from. Rather than buying furniture in quantity, many consumers prefer to buy less and spend more on higher quality furniture. Much of the USA made furniture has been designed by craftsmen who take pride in their creations. Buying American made commercial furniture is more than showing patriotism towards your country. Doing so also helps build the nation’s economy. Given the increased uncertainty in the global marketplace, especially in light of Covid-19 that has hurt a lot of local businesses, buying USA made products is more important than ever. Here are some notable reasons to purchase domestically made restaurant furniture.

High Quality and Better Service

Our American made wood chairs and bar stools are guaranteed to be a high quality product. Our selection of US made furniture is made of strong materials like solid hardwood. We take great pride in our work and only hire the most talented craftsmen who focus on every detail of each item they build and design. Not only is the furniture you purchase strong and durable it is also stylish and beautiful.

Cleaner Environment

Imported furniture has a massive carbon footprint which can be detrimental to the environment. When you buy American made items, on the other hand, you are preventing these harmful byproducts from getting into the air, water, and soil. The US has very high emission standards and regulations. Factories are required to follow their guidelines to keep the environment safe. Buying locally reduces wasted materials and eliminates the need for having products shipped to you from overseas. Most American furniture manufacturing companies have also adopted sustainable and clean business practices to contribute to a greener world.

Supporting Local Businesses and Communities

Some companies sell their factories or move them overseas which can result in a lot of job losses in the USA. Purchasing American made chairs and bar stools encourages companies to remain on US soil. By supporting local businesses and American companies, you are ensuring that these brands remain in the USA. You are saving jobs and people’s livelihoods. You are also creating job opportunities for future generations.

Other Benefits for You

Buying furniture made in America reaps many other benefits for the customer. Since your purchases are not being shipped to you from overseas, you will be able to enjoy them a lot sooner and faster. Shorter lead times means your furniture arrives to you in a shorter time period. It also allows you to easily customize and design your chairs and bar stools and express your style. From upholstery materials to wood finish and colors, customizing means the furniture you buy is unique to you.

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