Made of metal and wood combination or of metal alone, our industrial furniture for restaurants balances comfort and functionality with the needs of the hospitality industry. Made to withstand the rigors of a busy restaurant, our industrial restaurant tables, chairs and bar stools won’t disappoint.

What should I expect when ordering industrial furniture for my restaurant?

First it depends on what style you are looking for. Some items fit best into modern industrial decors while others best fit the rustic style. Our guide to industrial interior design for restaurants shows examples of the various styles and the best fitting items for them.

The modern style is sleek, clean and blemishes free, unlike the rustic industrial style that goes for a more used and re-used look commonly referred to as distressed.

The important thing to note about the distressed look is that creating it is done manually which means that no item is the same as the others. But then again, this is what people expect to see.

Is industrial furniture comfortable?

Like any of our other restaurant tables and chairs, the industrial ones are made to serve you and your customers, keeping them comfortable and enjoying their time at your venue. The industrial restaurant seating is available with wood or padded seats and ergonomically designed backs.

Can industrial restaurant furniture be customized?

Some models come as is but many items have variations with different seat types and metal finishes. Most of our restaurant table tops come in a variety of sizes and finish options you can choose from. It all depends on your needs and interior design.

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