Advantages of Bolt Down Stools

Floor mounted bar stools present many advantages, especially when compared to standard commercial bar stools.

  • Bolt down stools take up less space and can’t be moved around by patrons thus keeping them in their designated space.
  • The bolt down base makes it easier to clean around the stools saving time and effort.
  • They’re esthetically pleasing when placed in the right setting.

How are they Built?

Available in different styles and seat options, our floor mounted bar stools use commercial grade materials and are designed them according to your preferences. Then we attach the seats to the bolt down bar stool bases which can be bolted down to the floor. Each of these bolt down stools include a foot ring that provide a place for your customers to rest their feet.

Our bolt down stools are prefect for venues that accommodate large crowds regularly. They are low maintenance but also sturdily built. Comfortable and durable, our commercial floor mounted bar stools will look great in any restaurant, tavern, or bowling alley. They are a great seating option for establishments that need fixed furniture. From Ladder Back to Vertical Slat and backless, the style of your venue and increase your customer's enjoyment with our bolt down bar stools.

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