For that reason we have created ready-made table sets which include the correct top and base combinations while still giving you the freedom to choose the table tops design and finish, and the table bases shape: round or X prong.

Why buy table sets and not table tops?

While buying tops and bases separately gives you a larger degree of freedom, it is also more time consuming. When you are furnishing a new restaurant or doing a remodeling that requires entirely new restaurant furniture, it is common practice to order tables and bases as a set rather than separately in order to save the hassle connected with matching the right bases to the desired tops.

What if I need a different table top or base?

Like with most of our items, our clients are able to customize the furniture as much as possible. On our restaurant tables page you can find a larger selection of items including table sets and restaurant table tops on their own which you can then match to any of our table bases.

For even more custom options or if you have any questions about our commercial furniture, our restaurant furniture experts are waiting to assist you. Call (888) 409-1115 toll-free or use our live chat option.

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