Table base finishes: Do you want the base to standout or blend?

Table bases come in a variety of finishes, from one solid color, plain black to chrome or silver. As with the rest of our commercial outdoor furniture, the choice of your outdoor table base will eventually fall on the style you want for your patio. For a mellow, low-tone look, black or matte bases are a great idea and for a more standout look that turns your furniture into part of the décor, shiny chrome or silver aluminum bases are the go-to solution.

Suitability: For indoors or outdoors?

Many table bases are suitable for exterior use – aluminum, galvanized steel and some stainless steel grades are all good quality and weather-resistant metals, making them ideal for outdoor use. Our patio cast iron bases are treated with a special finish for outdoor use with a protective coating to protect against rust. Stainless steel and aluminum table bases are also ideal for outdoor use as they are rust proof.

Choosing the right shape:

Our outdoor table bases come in different shapes and styles, here’s a quick rundown of the advantages to the various table shapes:

  • X-Style - Are lightweight and cost effective. Another advantage with X-style bases is there is more room for chairs.
  • Disc-Base - Heavier than X-Prong bases and it is easier to clean around them.
  • Square Table Bases - These have a more industrial look and the plate provides a sturdy base.

Our wide selection of outdoor table legs and bases comes in all different shapes whether your choose aluminum, stainless steel, coated cast iron or chrome, you are sure to find a shape and style that is right for your restaurant.

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