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Commercial Furniture and Design by Venue Type

Today, there are many types of food service styles in the restaurant industry. From fast-food to family casual restaurants, the options are endless. If you are contemplating about launching your own restaurant, there is one major decision you need to make. Styles of service in restaurants determine the layout, restaurant furniture, inventory, menu, food prices, and décor theme of the restaurant itself. Different types of restaurant service are attributed to personal preferences, location and target market. Familiarizing with the characteristics of the various types of food service styles can help you select the right theme, style, and concept, and furniture for your restaurant.

5 Great Sustainability Initiatives for the Hotel Industry

Sustainability in the hospitality industry has gained significant attention over the past several decades. Around the globe, discussions on the issue of sustainability in hotel industry are still ongoing as trends and challenges are constantly emerging. Hoteliers have especially turned their focus to the importance of environmental sustainability as it heavily relates to their industry in terms of hotel development and operations extending to economic and social impact. Sustainability is one of the issues we are currently addressing which is one of the reasons why hotels should go green.

What are the Key Features of the Best Restaurant Reservation Systems?

Technology has and continues to touch every facet of our lives. From the emergence of mobile devise to cloud computing, technology is making more of an impact in our business ventures. It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without finding a high-tech piece of hardware or software around. These technical advances have made an impact everywhere, but especially in the food industry. At the very least, the innovation of technology plays an integral role in the development of the restaurant reservation system which most food service establishments are utilizing to the maximum.

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Difference Between Bar Stools and Counter Stools

People often confuse restaurant bar stools with counter stools. While the two are different assets, they are used in the same venues in the same field. Height is the key difference as well as how they contrast from each other in terms of functionality. Because of their hard to note differences, people end up buying one instead of the other and find out post facto that the stool they purchased did not fit their seating needs.

What You Should Know about Contract Furniture

Not everyone is familiar with the term “contract furniture”. In fact, many of them are not sure what it means. This term has multiple connotations which are used in the commercial furniture industry and therefore often confused with one another. Furniture designed for commercial applications are normally tested and manufactured to specific quality standards which ensure personal safety, long lasting durability and sustainability. They are required to meet these criteria and when they do, they are more likely to support better productivity and minimize work-related injuries and accidents.

The Latest Hotel Design and Trends that Bring Success

Discussing the latest hotel industry trends and paths to success has become a trend unto itself. The hotel industry often details every progress made towards advancements as well as the latest technology and what it is being used for and how people are adapting to the way they travel. While the industry itself will remain the same, hotel design trends are constantly evolving which may demand change in hotel marketing and technology. In essence, it boils down to the various ways hotels capitalize these changes and trends.