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Restaurant Flip that Enhances Customer Satisfaction

When a restaurant is first open it is done so with the hope that it will last for years to come. While many restaurants succeed some end up closing down while other just mange to stay afloat. One thing many restaurants have in common is an outdated décor and interior that doesn’t fit in with the needs of their customers. Sometimes all a restaurant needs to succeed is a re-design.

New vs. Used Restaurant Furniture

It can be tempting to buy used furniture when opening a new restaurant. Some people think this is a good way to save money, especially if you have a limited budget. The truth is used restaurant furniture isn’t always cheaper and there are many disadvantages and downsides to this option and it may end up costing you more. Here are some fallacies regarding used commercial furniture:

Historical Glimpse of Classic Diners: From Dining Cars to Fast Service Restaurants

Novel, charming and quintessentially American, there is nothing like a classic diner. A combination of a shiny interior, theatrical décor, laminated restaurant tables, cramped diner booths, nostalgic wall art, with low priced comfort food is an American staple. Whether you are on a road trip looking for somewhere to stop into eat or looking to grab a quick bite, you can count on an iconic diner to get it right. However, you may notice that most of these diners bear a striking resemblance to train cars picked off the rails and placed in a city street because that is how they essentially once were.

Recent Restaurant Installations

Crimson Hearth - Spokane, WA

With a desire to make fresh, made-from-scratch dishes and to create a warm, welcoming dining experience, Crimson Hearth has become an extension of the Pedersen home, serving European style dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner all guests are made to feel welcome in the popular Spokane restaurant, The restaurant is run and owned by Rick Pederson, whose recipes and style of cooking come from his Danish grandmother from when he lived on a farm in Iowa.

China Town Restaurant - Beaverton, OR

China Town redesigned their location near the Nike Campus in Beaverton, Oregon. Well-known for serving authentic Chinese cuisines, China Town offers a wide selection of traditional Chinese dishes. They have become particularly famous for their dim sum, which has been cited as the best dim sum north of San Francisco. They are also known for their other authentic Chinese dishes such as chow mein, roasted duck, roasted pork and their Szechuan dishes.

Trolley Car Station - Philadelphia, PA

The Trolley Car Station is located at University city, Philadelphia. The owners of the Trolley Car Station partnered with the city of Philadelphia to convert a historic building that was in desperate need of repair into a cafe. The historic building colloquially known as “Bathey” was built in the 1930s as a changing facility for the city’s public swimming pool. The Bathey House was one of the only outdoor swimming pools in the area and is the lone building standing in the Fairmount Historic Trust wanted to save the landmark which was in disrepair and they contacted Ken Weinstein, owner of the Trolley Car Diner in Mt. Airy to ask him if he wanted to do anything with building. After 6 months of restoration work the Trolley Car Station opened.

Recent Guides

Guide to Buying Commercial Patio Umbrellas

Commercial umbrellas are a common sight at any venue everywhere where outdoor dining is available. It’s hard to find a venue where high volumes of people frequent and congregate outdoors without an awning or some kind of shelter from the heat of the sun or the rain. Your outdoor space needs shade, especially during the hottest points of the day. Large patio umbrellas are not just crucial for completing your outdoor decor but for keeping your guests comfortable.

Industrial Design for Restaurants - The Complete Guide

Industrial style design is an aesthetic design trend which began when people started converting industrial spaces such as factories into living spaces. The trend then grew in popularity and expanded to include other commercial venues such as clothing shops and especially restaurants.

Architecture of Restaurant Booths - Booth Layout & Design

A well designed restaurant or any commercial space makes a noticeable difference when it comes to yielding profits and boosting customer relations. Creativity and originality are vital in both the design and restaurant furniture. Optimization of a space with the ideal restaurant booth seating is essential to bringing creativity to a restaurant décor as well as customer satisfaction. Apart for their aesthetic support, dining booths come with brilliant functionality that ensure comfortable seating thus contributing to a pleasant dining experience in function of the style.