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Historical Glimpse of Classic Diners: From Dining Cars to Fast Service Restaurants

Novel, charming and quintessentially American, there is nothing like a classic diner. A combination of a shiny interior, theatrical décor, laminated restaurant tables, cramped diner booths, nostalgic wall art, with low priced comfort food is an American staple. Whether you are on a road trip looking for somewhere to stop into eat or looking to grab a quick bite, you can count on an iconic diner to get it right. However, you may notice that most of these diners bear a striking resemblance to train cars picked off the rails and placed in a city street because that is how they essentially once were.

Commercial Furniture and Design by Venue Type

Today, there are many types of food service styles in the restaurant industry. From fast-food to family casual restaurants, the options are endless. If you are contemplating about launching your own restaurant, there is one major decision you need to make. Styles of service in restaurants determine the layout, restaurant furniture, inventory, menu, food prices, and décor theme of the restaurant itself. Different types of restaurant service are attributed to personal preferences, location and target market. Familiarizing with the characteristics of the various types of food service styles can help you select the right theme, style, and concept, and furniture for your restaurant.

5 Great Sustainability Initiatives for the Hotel Industry

Sustainability in the hospitality industry has gained significant attention over the past several decades. Around the globe, discussions on the issue of sustainability in hotel industry are still ongoing as trends and challenges are constantly emerging. Hoteliers have especially turned their focus to the importance of environmental sustainability as it heavily relates to their industry in terms of hotel development and operations extending to economic and social impact. Sustainability is one of the issues we are currently addressing which is one of the reasons why hotels should go green.

Recent Restaurant Installations

The Grill and Wrap - London, Ontario

Grill and Wrap is a quick serve restaurant that serves Canadian and Middle Eastern food at affordable prices. The customers like the large portions and friendly service. All of their food is made with the best ingredients and flavor combinations. Customers can order anything from shawarma to the best burgers in town. They also serve New York Steak, kabob, chicken wings and Canadian specialties such as poutine and Montreal Smoked Sandwich.

The Cove at Yarmouth - Cape Cod’s largest year-round resort

Located in picturesque Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Yarmouth is a popular summertime destination filled with quaint villages, historic lighthouses, seafood shacks and pristine ponds, bays and ocean beaches. It’s the home of Martha’s Vineyard where the Kennedys vacation and the quaint town of Nantucket. West is a charming hamlet, one of three villages that makeup Yarmouth.

The Hudson & Co Bar and Grill - Jersey City

Located in Jersey City near on the waterfront along Hudson River,within the rapidly evolving Harborside district, this enormous gastropub opened its doors in 2016. The bar and grill sits in the prestigious Plaza 10 Office Tower featuring multiple indoor and outdoor dining options. The entire establishment boasts commanding views of the Manhattan skyline across the historic Hudson River.

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