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Enhance the outdoor experience for your customers with our exceptional commercial outdoor furniture collection. With a range of stylish, durable and comfortable options, create an inviting and enjoyable space that will leave a lasting impression.
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Restaurant Furniture Guide: How to Choose Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Your patio is an extension of your restaurant. The same care and consideration for designing your indoor dining space should also go into your outdoor dining area. While there is a lot of decision making required for an outdoor restaurant design, restaurant patio furniture should be your foremost consideration for your layout.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Patio Furniture

People tend to judge furniture based on aesthetics. Understandably, they want outdoor restaurant furniture designed and fashioned to reflect their motif, brand and style the most. While the decorative aspect is important there are other crucial factors you shouldn’t discount:

1. Measure your patio space to see how much seating you can fit

Commercial patio furniture is meant to bring comfort and function to your outdoor dining area. However, furniture comes in many different configurations, styles, colors, materials, shapes, etc.

It’s important to measure the space you are planning to furnish before you decide which items to purchase and how many you need. Be aware of the same spacing and positioning constraints as you would for your indoor location.

Keep in mind that different styles of patio furniture will have different space requirements. You may want to mix and match between chairs, armchairs and bar stools to maximize seating space and comfort.

2. Choose commercial outdoor furniture in a style and type that will harmonize with your patio’s function

Do you plan to host outdoor events regularly and seat guests at a patio dining set with tables and patio arm chairs? Or do you want your patio space to be a social hangout with small tables for games and snacks along with a couple of restaurant patio chairs with seat cushions? Are you outfitting a hardwood deck, poolside, garden or a patio?

Different types of functions need different types of patio furnishings. Consider the function of your outdoor space, and then plan out the materials and styles. This will help you choose furniture that is the best match for your restaurant’s environment and surroundings.

3. Choose restaurant outdoor seating based on your available space, design and maintenance needs

Do you need commercial quality, weather resistance, strength, and easy storage? These considerations are important. Patio furniture is made out of resin, faux rattan, synthetic wicker, aluminum and synthetic teak – all of which are weather resistant with little maintenance required for upkeep.

While all materials mentioned above are weather resistant they have varied looks and require a slightly different maintenance. For example, faux rattan furniture has a more rustic look and is very easy to clean. Just wash with mild detergent, rinse and clean. Resin furniture can be made to look like practically any material from wood to stone and molded into various shapes. As part of the regular maintenance of resin patio furniture it is advisable to use cleaning agents that specifically prevent mildew. For more information about the various materials' look and maintenance we recommend reading our patio furniture guide.

As for available space, some commercial chairs are wider than others, especially those with arms and backwards slanted back rests. So if you are planning on having a spacious patio area with plenty of room between your outside table and chairs, chair width (including arms) is a crucial element you need to take into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of outdoor restaurant seating?

Your restaurant patio is an extension of your indoor facility. There isn’t particularly the “best type" of outdoor table and chairs. Just like indoor restaurant furniture, patio furniture comes in an array of styles, designs and materials meant to synchronize with your existing décor and layout; each possesses their own qualities and benefits. For example, cast aluminum furniture and aluminum patio furniture cannot rust, which makes them great for coastal or humid areas. Wrought iron furniture is very sturdy and heavy, making it a great solution for windy areas. Certain types of furniture should also be avoided depending upon your climate.

Wood furniture will hold up well in most parts of the country, but in states like Arizona, where it's very dry, wood furniture will require more frequent up-keep or maintenance. Commercial quality, functionality, comfort and durability should be key components of furniture for your outdoor dining space as they are for your indoor dining space. For a complete breakdown of the benefits and qualities of each type of furniture, we recommend you read our Patio Furniture Guide.

Does patio furniture get hot?

Any furniture piece especially that built for a patio, gets hot when comes in direct contact with the sun. Metal/iron/steel also retains more heat thus requiring a longer cooling period whereas aluminum and synthetic teak will cool down relatively quickly once no longer exposed to the sun. Fortunately, we provide large umbrellas and seat cushions to minimize sun exposure which therefore allows a more comfortable restaurant outdoor seating for your guests.

What kind of maintenance & care is required for commercial outdoor furniture?

Though patio furniture is low maintenance by definition, periodical inspection and cleaning is recommended for both aesthetic and hygienic reasons. Cleaning spilled food and drinks can be easily done with warm soapy water. You can rinse off dust and dirt with a garden hose. Although commercial patio furniture is built to last through many years of heavy use and environmental stresses, it does eventually fade overtime. We suggest you use covers or move your patio furniture indoors (provided you have enough storage space inside) during off season and harsh weather conditions.