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Restaurant Tables Seating Capacity

When designing your restaurant, you seriously need to consider your venue's seating layout. Choosing the correct table shape and size can determine your restaurant's capacity which can eventually affect your sales.

Each seater requires a minimum of 24" of space in terms of the width. This includes the spacing between the chairs to allow customers to get in and out and to sit comfortably. The type of restaurant you have is another important aspect to consider when choosing the tables. For full course meals a 30" x 30" table will comfortably serve only 2 seated people. However, a cafe or an ice-cream restaurant could seat 4 people on the same table size.

Do round or rectangular tables take up more space?

Square or rectangle table tops make it easier to join tables together when large parties come in thus making them more popular among restaurateurs. However at cafes round tables are preferred due to the ability to seat more people at one table where restaurant chairs can be 'squeezed' around them. A good mix of the two may be the best option depending on the space available and budget restraints.

What size table seats any number of people?

Below you can find the seating capacity of various restaurant tables based on industry standards:

Standard Restaurant Table SizesTotal Seats / People
24" x 24" 2
30" x 30" 2-4
36" x 36" 4
42" x 42" 4-6
48" x 48" 8
24" 2
30" 3-4
36" 3-4
42" 4-5
48" 5-6
60" 8-10
72" 10
24" x 30" 2
24" x 42" 4
24" x 48" 4
30" x 42" 4
30" x 60" 6
30" x 72" 6-8
• A table’s capacity may change depending on the type of venue and menu style

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The following diagram shows the seating capacity of the various table dimensions.

Restaurant Tables Seating Capacity Diagram