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Restaurant Tables

Quality restaurant tables are a must for any venue, whether it’s a restaurant, bistro or tavern. All of our restaurant tables – wood, laminate, resin and other materials are built to withstand the rigorous conditions of the food industry and meet the highest commercial standards. Our solid wood tables, for example are proudly made in the USA of 1.5” thick solid wood and come in premium 2” thick option. The tables also come in several finishes which highlight the wood’s natural features. The tables come in many sizes and with the option of a bullnose edge or eased edge.

Our restaurant tables capacity guide serves as a reference to help you determine which table suites your business needs the best. Available in a range of sizes, finishes, and shapes, we help narrow down your options for you making it easier for you to select and design your perfect restaurant table. This guide also provides information on how to increase your profit margins with the right table setup. [+] read more...
As we manufacture our restaurant table tops, you can customize most of our products to fit your requirements. We offer customization options on both the sizes and the finish. Call us for more information. [-] hide

Minimal Price: $25.00