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Restaurant Table Bases

Upgrade your restaurant's look and functionality with our diverse range of table bases, including x prong, round, U-shaped, and square options. Enhance the overall dining experience for your customers and choose the perfect restaurant table base that suits your unique style and needs.
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Guide: Choosing the Correct Restaurant Table Base

Choosing the right base for your table is important. Namely, you’ll need to make sure you choose a stable enough base for your table top. While there are different styles, materials, and sizes available, we will guide you through choosing the correct table base for your tables.

3 Tips for Buying the Right Table Bases

Just as there are different types of chairs and restaurant table top materials and shapes for different restaurant themes and locations, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all base. Functionality, strength and design are crucial.

1. Choosing a table base material will influence the “look” of your restaurant

Bases come in steel, cast iron and aluminium with different styles to suit various interiors and tables. While all materials are sturdy and long lasting, the materials offer a different look in various settings.

  • Cast iron table bases are available in a standard black finish that promotes a professional appearance. Heavy gauge cast iron makes the base resistant to wear and tear.
  • Chrome table bases are constructed of 18-gauge steel with a polished look that reflects light and brightens the overall look of your table.
  • Like chrome, aluminium table bases allow your tables to shine, especially outdoors where the weather resistant rust proof qualities of aluminium are most desired.

2. Consider your restaurant’s design when deciding on the cost of your commercial table bases

In dimly lit restaurants or those where long cloths are covering the table legs, there is little use for an expensive, elaborately designed base. In these instances, look for some of our sturdy but lower-cost table base options.

However, in well-lit restaurants with a modern or high-end dining experience, a well-designed chrome table base can help elevate the look of the dining room. In those instances it’s worth putting more money into the look of the table base.

Decide on your table base after you have chosen the shape of your table

Our team has the experience to help you choose your commercial table base shape according to your table shape. Below is a guide for which bases go best with which table shape.

  • X-Prong Bases - X-prong bases are most often paired with square or rectangular tables.
  • Round Table Bases - Round table bases are often assembled together with round table tops.
  • (Wide) Square Bases - A (wide) square base provides stability to your table top while minimizing wobbling.
  • Bolt-Down Table Bases - Bolt-down bases are designed to secure the column to the floor making the table unmovable. Most commonly used on booth tables and in food courts.
  • 2-Prong Table Base - Two of these bases should be used and placed at opposite ends of long, rectangular table tops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with a table base?

Table bases come with all hardware to build the base itself which includes base, column, glides and a spider to connect to the table top.

What is the standard height for regular tables and bar tables?

When ordering your table base, make sure you order the right height for your tables.

What size table base do I need?

Table bases come in various sizes and shapes. The most popular table base is a 22” x 22” X Prong which can support a 2 person table. Please refer to this table base guide for a detailed chart matching the base plate size with the corresponding table top.

How to choose the right table base?

Location should be the first consideration when choosing a table base. There are table bases made of weatherproof materials and some that are not. You should then decide how big you want your restaurant table to be. Finally, the weight of your table base should coincide with the weight of your table top. Round table bases are usually heavier than X Prong and recommended for heavier table tops such as granite or large solid wood tables.

What is the most long-lasting material for a commercial table base?

Cast iron is a great choice due to its heavy weight. It is also the most durable material for a table base. A cast iron base is difficult to move and is generally powder paint coated to prevent chipping. This type of base has longer longevity and durability than any other type of base. Routine inspection and cleaning is suggested to maintain any table base.