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Restaurant Seating Guide: How to Choose Commercial Chairs for Children

Creating a signature look for your restaurant is easier than ever. Whether you’d like to furnish a fun family restaurant with convenient swivel metal chairs, add fully upholstered chairs to a fine dining establishment, or create a comfortable club atmosphere with lounge chairs, you’ll enjoy the quality, convenience, and exceptional customer service that make us the best place to buy restaurant chairs online.

We’re proud to offer many American-made products: Simply look for our “Made in the USA” label when you browse our selection.

Providing an amazing dining or drinking experience is one of the most important ways to stand out to customers. Great food and drinks are paramount, of course, but so are the seating options! Undoubtedly, amongst restaurant furniture, chairs are one of the most important elements.

If you are looking for commercial seating, there are several factors to consider. It can be overwhelming to decide what chairs are right for your restaurant, from choosing restaurant chairs that are made from the right materials to trying to match seating to a restaurant's decor. That is why our team has created this guide.

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Restaurant Chairs

Since restaurant furniture sets the stage for a memorable dining experience, the right seating makes all the difference. By ensuring that your restaurant dining chairs are comfortable for your guests while adding to your establishment’s ambiance, you’ll be well on your way to building customer loyalty and receiving rave reviews.

Here are four top tips for buying chairs for restaurant wholesale:

1. Select Furniture that Complements Your Establishment’s Theme

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere with top-quality commercial restaurant chairs that seamlessly combine form with function.
  • A cozy café might call for the warm appeal of wood restaurant chairs or an eclectic mix of a few different styles that appeal to your patrons’ artistic sides.
  • Family-friendly restaurants should be furnished with durability and easy cleanup in mind.
  • At fine dining establishments, patrons typically appreciate furniture that offers a combination of comfort and sophistication.
  • In al fresco dining spaces, outdoor restaurant chairs provide the perfect combination of comfort, style, and weather-resistant durability.

2. Choose Commercial Seating That Best Fits in Your Available Space

Commercial restaurant seating is designed to withstand the demands of frequent, heavy use, with durable finishes that resist wear and tear caused by jostling and daily exposure to commercial-grade cleaners.

  • Opt for side chairs (arm-less) in venues where space is at a premium and in establishments that focus on high turnover.
  • Upholstered chairs add a sense of sophistication to your restaurant’s atmosphere and comfort but can also create the illusion of a more crammed space. In smaller rooms, lighter or no upholstery is recommended. In larger ones they can aid in creating a warmer and more welcoming ambiance.
  • Restaurant chairs with arms are more popular with high end restaurants where more room is allocated to each diner.

3. Consider Materials When Making Your Selection

Wood can offer homey warmth or old-world sophistication. Once considered cold and unwelcoming, some metal dining chairs embrace current industrial design trends while others lend sleek, modern elegance to a venue.

While chair leg glides have nothing to do with style, you’ll save wear and tear when you ensure that they are compatible with your restaurant’s flooring. Metal glides are ideal for use on carpet, while nylon or plastic guides are ideal for use on hard surfaces. Bolt-down chairs can help preserve flooring in high-turnover establishments.

4. Choose the Best Commercial Chairs for Your Budget

With our wide selection of chair materials and types, it’s easy to find a chair that fits your budget. We are proud to provide a variety of commercial dining chairs in all price ranges.

Shop our full collection to find appealing restaurant seating options to suit any budget, including many beautiful chairs priced well below $50.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average seat height of a chair?

Though dimensions may vary, the average height for a restaurant chair generally stands 18” from floor to seat.

How many chairs do I need for my restaurant?

Seating capacity is solely dependent on the floor layout. The area of square footage allotted to each guest varies by the type of dining establishment you want to have. Remember that a dining room accounts for 60% of the total space.

Our restaurant tables capacity guide can help you determine the number of seats you can have based on various factors.

How comfortable are restaurant chairs?

While restaurant chairs in general are quite comfortable they do come in various levels of comfort with those designed for fast food venues being the least comfortable and the ones designed for high end dining (usually made of wood and upholstery) being the most comfortable.

Can I see examples of your chairs in different settings?

When you visit the product pages on our website, at the bottom of the page, you will notice a customer gallery featuring images of the item in live locations across the USA. We also showcase some of the restaurants furnished by us on our restaurant installations page.

Do you need more tips on finding the right commercial seating for your restaurant or you need help with the interior design of your restaurant? Please give us a call at: (888) 409-1115.