Shopping for Restaurant Arm Chairs

Once you decide to go for commercial restaurant chairs with arms, your next step is to choose the materials and style best suited to your venue. If you have existing chairs and just want to add a few more items then your choice is easy: simply match the design, materials and fabrics to what you have. However, if you are refurnishing your venue below you can find a few tips to help get you started on finding the best restaurant armchair for you:

  • Metal frame – Strong and durable, metal frame restaurant arm chairs are perfect for the casual look in a busy restaurant.
  • Wood frame – Slightly less durable than metal but with a more luxurious look these chairs will not look out of place in any high-end dining venue.
  • Vinyl upholstery – Available in numerous colors, vinyl is most commonly paired with metal frames as their glossy look complements the metal finish.
  • Fabric upholstery – Commercial grade fabrics are highly durable and stain resistant but require more attention compared to vinyl. The warm look of fabric is most evident when paired with wood. It also adds to the upscale look of the chairs.
  • Wood Seat – Not as comfortable as upholstered seats but easier to maintain, the wood seats aid in creating a pleasing, relaxed atmosphere when matching in color to the rest of the furniture but can also be used to uplift the atmosphere when finished in a contrasting wood stain (most often seen in ethnic restaurants like Mexican, Moroccan etc.. ).

While these tips are a good starting point for choosing the right restaurant dining chairs with arms, we offer more guides and tips in our Help Center. And while you are in the process of ordering your new seating, why not take a look at matching arm bar stools that will give your restaurant that X factor we’re all looking for.

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