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Guide to Choosing Restaurant Bar Stools

Make a lasting impression on your customers with our restaurant bar stools. Whether you are looking for sleek metal, warm wood for an intimate setting, or anything in between, we have the bar stools for your needs. The right item offers elevated seating and a strong statement to your space. We have a full selection of bar stools with backs, swiveled, padded, tall and short bar stools to complement any venue.

We’re proud to offer many American-made products: Simply watch for the label as you browse our selection of fine commercial bar stools for sale.

Buying bar stools wholesale offers many benefits beyond just the price. When you purchase your bar stools in bulk, you are investing in longer-lasting quality with a full warranty which gives you peace of mind for the long run. Additionally, as a leading wholesaler we provide one-on-one assistance with finding the right bar stool for a particular space or style. Plus, you can customize many of our products with a wide selection of frame finishes and upholstery options. Overall, wholesale bar stools offer a better value for money without sacrificing longevity and customer satisfaction.

Below we have compiled some key points that will help you narrow your choices and guide you through finding the best match for your bar height tables and counter spaces.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Restaurant Bar Stools

1. Measure Your Bar Space Correctly

Although commercial bar stools and counter stools are built with standard dimensions, not every structure of these items adheres to these sizes. To ensure that the stool and the table or counter top you pair together is a good fit, you need to:

  • Measure from the top of the counter or table to the floor.
  • Subtract 12" from the counter/table height.
  • Factor arm rests and other additional features of the stool into your calculations.

Space between your stools is a measurement that is just as crucial as their height. To avoid overcrowding your counter or table, your stools should be spaced at least six inches apart if the seats' width measures 16" to 18". With wider seats or with arm rests and swivels, space should increase to at least 8" (preferably 10”).

2. Understand When to Choose Bar Stools and When to Choose Counter Stools

While bar height tables and tops are more common in commercial settings, counter height ones are more popular in residential settings but are being introduced more and more in commercial ones as well. New design trends and the ability to more safely and easily sit children at counter high tables are some of the main reasons.

While it may not sound significant, a difference of 6" in seat height can be quite a lot. The standard height for a bar table top typically measures 40" to 42" from the floor. Height of a bar stool seat should be somewhat between 29" and 30" from floor to seat. Counter tops, on average, stand 36" above floor level. Naturally, a counter stool seat will measure 24" to 27" from the ground up.

3. Make Sure to Match the Restaurant’s Vibe With the Style of the Stools

The large selection of commercial bar stools for sale we offer makes sure you will find the best bar stools for your restaurant. For example: in modern settings colorful or commercial industrial bar stools are a perfect fit. For sports bars, swivel bar stools are more suitable and wood ones will look great in an upscale restaurant with a bar area or in a country style carvery with some high tables set next to the walls. Bolt-down bar stools look as if they were made specifically for a bowling alley but would be just as useful in smaller bars where you want to make sure seating is always evenly spaced. Most also have matching restaurant chairs available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a bar stool and a counter stool?

A counter stool is a type of stool that is usually used in residential environments where a bar stool is more common in restaurants. The seat height of a counter stool is 24” – 27” while the seat height of a restaurant bar stool is 29” – 32”.

Are all bar stools the same dimensions?

No. Bar stools come in a standard height. However, their dimensions may vary slightly (especially the width) based on the stool’s design. A wider seat, arms, swivel mechanism or extra padding on the seat can all contribute to those variations.

Can you use bar stools at a counter?

Bar stools are slightly higher than counter stools so while it is possible to use a bar stool at a counter it is somewhat uncomfortable and may even force your patrons to sit sideways. Bar stools may not provide enough knee and leg room at counters. Likewise, seating experience for guests may not be very comfortable if the counter stool and bar height table are not compatible with each other.