Are butcher block tops better than granite or resin tops?

Putting the price aside for a moment, wood and granite have a very different look and various interior designs will require one or the other. A granite top will look extremely out of place in an industrial setting while a solid wood table top can look out of place in an outdoor patio area. As for resin table tops, they are cheaper than solid wood and can look almost as good so they are often a stand-in for solid wood when shopping for restaurant furniture on a budget. However, when looking to add warmth and a hint of elegance to a restaurant’s interior nothing compares to real wood.

To see how our butcher block table tops look in various locations just go to the bottom of the item page and scroll our gallery of restaurants using that product.

Are butcher block tables still popular?

Not only are they popular, their popularity is rising together with the rise in popularity of the industrial interior design style. More and more restaurants nowadays are opting for the industrial décor and butcher block tops are a staple of that design especially where industrial meets fine dining. That combination of cold steel and concrete walls can be made to look more inviting and luxurious when combined with wood and the modern trends love this combination.

Made to order, these beautiful solid wood table tops are constructed of 1.5" thick solid wood and are available in Bullnose or Eased edges going through a seven stage staining process to make the color durable and long lasting. They will enhance the décor of your restaurant and are one of the go to item for most commercial spaces interior decorators.

Are butcher block wood tops hard to maintain?

Not really. They require a little more maintenance than some of the other materials, mostly making sure the wood is cleaned with a damp cloth and then dried out. It is also recommended to reseal the surface once a year, but the commercial grade wood is made to withstand heavy use and doesn’t easily damage.

Should, however, the table tops get damage over time it is much easier to fix compared to other materials like resin, granite or metal. Some designs even prefer the wood to have a distressed look but if you want your top to look pristine all you need is a little wood putty and stain to fix any dents, cuts or other minor repairs.

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