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We know designing a restaurant can be a difficult and time consuming task. This is why we have created this special Restaurant Design Help Center.

Our help center will provide you with all the tools you need from designing a seating and layout plan and seating capacity to determine the best seating for your venue. Here you will find invaluable information for successful restaurant planning such as the optimal distance needed for seating and how to match the correct the table with the correct base.

Our seating experts are also available to answer any questions you may have and provide additional assistance. They can be reached toll free at (888) 409-1115.

Layout and Design

  • Restaurant Design Guide - An effective seating plan is critical to restaurant success. We can help you design a layout that will be aesthetically pleasing and increase efficiency.
  • Restaurant Layout Guide - When opening a food service facility you first need to address the size and location of each section. This extensive guide is created to help you do just that.
  • Design & Layout Tips for Cafes & Coffee Houses - Cafes and coffee houses are two of the world’s most popular dining venues. Knowing the difference between them will help you understand which design idea works best for your venue.
  • Restaurant Furniture Maintenance Tips - The dining room is the first area visitors see upon entry of the restaurant. Guests may decide to turn around and leave if the dining room appears to be unclean.
  • Choosing the Right Patio Furniture - Your patio is an extension of your restaurant. Choosing the right outdoor furniture for your venue requires some research. This guide means to provide you with information on both design and materials.
  • Guide to Contract Furniture - Not everyone is familiar with the term “contract furniture”. Contract furniture is used in a variety of commercial environments and comes with more stringent testing.

Restaurant Tables (Table Tops & Bases)

  • Restaurant Tables Seating Capacity - When designing your restaurant, you seriously need to consider your venue's seating layout. Choosing the correct table shape and size can determine your restaurant's capacity.
  • Table Tops & Bases Guide - Every top has its recommended base size. This guide will show you how to match them.
  • Restaurant Tables Guide - Every top has its base. This guide will show you how to match them.
  • Wood Restaurant Tables Guide - our solid wood table tops come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. This guide will help you pick a wood table top that will work well with your concept and décor.
  • Choose the Right Material for Your Restaurant Tables - Choosing the right material for your commercial dining tables is a matter of research. Know how materials compare in durability, looks, and price in order to determine which works best for your tables.

Restaurant Chairs & Bar Stools

  • Bar Stools Vs. Counter Stools -The difference between counter stools and bar stools and what table height goes with them.
  • Wood Chair Buying Guide - Before buying wood chairs for your restaurant or venue there are some things you should know about commercial grade wood chairs.
  • A Guide to Chiavari Seating - Chiavari chairs have graced many venues and events for over 200 years with their elegant and timeless design. Knowing which style is best suited for your décor may help narrow down your search.
  • Stack Chairs Buying Guide - Stacking chairs offer the perfect solution for those who want to maximize their space without sacrificing comfort for guests. This guide will help you find the right stacking chairs for your establishment.
  • Wood Vs. Plywood Seats - For your convenience, we have created a short comparison of the differences between Plywood and Solid wood seats.
  • We Passed The test! - The tested chairs meet the applicable requirements of ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2011. Compliance with these standards is strictly voluntary and requires a variety of different types of tests for compliance.

Restaurant Booths

Whether you need help with your order, have more questions about our furniture and their custom options or want some advice about designing your restaurant’s layout, our professional team is here to assist you. Use our live chat or call (888) 409-1115 to talk to an expert.