Restaurant waiting benches vs restaurant booths, what is the difference?

Basically, a waiting bench is a backless restaurant booth. Unlike booths, the benches are backless as they are usually placed alongside walls or windows and are not required to provide any privacy.

While they can be used indoors, often alongside windowsills or in the center of a large room, restaurant waiting benches are most commonly used at the entrance to a restaurant to provide customers with some comfort while they wait to be seated. They are also a great addition to lobbies, retailers, offices and any other commercial area which has people waiting to be seen to.

Make a statement

Sometimes a waiting bench is more than just for function. It can be used to make a statement about your décor. For example, round or semi round benches can be placed around a pillar helping to incorporate it into the room while at the same time adding an attractive and functional seating space where chairs simply wouldn’t work.

Regardless of your venue or décor, if you have customers you will often have waiting customers as well. Let them know that you value their time and show your appreciation by providing them with some stylish and comfortable seating while they wait.

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