When designing coffee shops, similar to other dining establishments, there are certain guidelines one needs to follow in order to stand up to the expectations of their customers.

Often the term coffee house evokes an image of a small space, tables that sit 2-4 people at most and includes simple foods like croissants and sandwiches to go with the coffee which smell permeates all around.

How to choose cafe furniture?

The right combination of coffee shop furniture is a main component in the design keeping your guests comfortable and coming back:

  • Coffee Shop Chairs: Typically, these commercial grade chairs are made of a metal frame with a wood or vinyl upholstered seat making them easier to maintain and clean in a busy environment. While these coffee shop chairs are simple in their design, they vary in the backs and seat options and are easy to customize to fit different decors.
  • Coffee Shop Tables: Simple in design and made of wood composite or resin, they are usually sold with an X prong or round iron base. The small square or round coffee shop tables are made to accommodate 2-4 people on average. A few larger tables are a good idea if you have the available space although the tables’ small size and weight makes them easy to move around and join together when larger parties come in. The same is true whether you are buying indoor or outdoor cafe furniture. The furniture materials may vary but the basic guidelines don’t.
  • Café Booths: Perfect for those nooks and corners which provide customers with some privacy while allowing you to maximize the available seating space. Café booths are quite popular with students when looking for a place to study together. They provide comfort and a little extra space accommodating not only their coffee but also their laptops.

Creating the perfect coffee shop ambiance is crucial. Nowadays, many people use coffee houses to study and work from and they return regularly to the same place and even the same seat. The ideal atmosphere is one that is both inviting and comfortable but is not too warm and dark as to impede the ability of those who work and study to do so. Don’t forget that during the day, when foot traffic is smaller, those regulars are not only spending a few hours in your comfortable furniture they are also spending money in your establishment.