Nostalgia of the 1950s

There are all kinds of restaurant concepts, including those that will transport you back in time. If our retro bar stools look familiar, it is because they are the ones you would see at a local American classic diner, game room or ice cream shop. Their vintage style is making a comeback due to popular demand.

Retro Bar Stool Design

When most think of a retro style bar stool, a bright colored cushioned seat with a shiny chrome base comes to mind which gives this type of stool its iconic look. We also sell these stools in a black metal frame. Depending on your tastes and décor, we carry retro bar stools with or without back rests and you can choose a frame with a single or double ring. Our selection includes a 360 degree swivel mechanism and a one year warranty. Our padded seats are presented in vinyl upholstery.

  • Retro bar stools usually come in black or red vinyl.
  • Popular well known design makes for an attractive focal point.

We have shown ourselves to be the best in customized restaurant furniture. Creating luxurious and relaxing spaces at any venue, we have something that will compliment any style and brand. If you are looking to add a vintage element to your establishment, our retro style bar stools at wholesale prices exude casual comfort and a luxurious design that will never go out of style.

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