Cafes or coffee-houses also have a distinctive look which is characterized by a long counter with a glass display for some of the food and cakes on offer, and a large coffee machine ready to fill countless cups with a variety of quality coffee. In keeping with the theme, the coffee house furniture also aids in creating the look.

Commercial Coffee Shop Chairs Characteristics

  • Simple design – coffee house chairs have a simple and functional design which is still comfortable and inviting.
  • Neutral tones – while some exceptions happen, most restaurant café chairs come in neutral colors. Whether they are in dark or light tones, they will commonly feature colors that won’t distract from the main function of the venue: Tasty coffee.
  • Light weight – commercial cafe chairs can be lighter than restaurant chairs, not only because of their design but also their functionality. Coffee houses are commonly smaller than restaurants and lighter chairs are easier to move around when needs arise, for example when a larger group requires seating.

Are coffee shop chairs cheaper than restaurant chairs?

They usually are. As most coffee shop chairs are made of metal and not wood, their price is lower than that of wood restaurant chairs. But it all depends on what look you are aiming for.

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