From reversible table tops to resin, werzalit and laminate the tables can be customized in size and finish to fit your decor. Even the table bases can be chosen to match the tops style.

How do coffee house tables differ from restaurant tables?

  • Materials – while restaurant tables can and are being used in coffee shops, usually coffee shops use lighter tables that are not as ornate and tend to stand out less.
  • Size – coffee houses usually host small groups at a time. 2 to 4 people is the average number and tables larger than that are uncommon, especially in smaller establishments.
  • Color – commonly, commercial coffee tables come in neutral colors. Black, mahogany even white or natural wood finish. It is less likely to encounter vibrant colored restaurant tables in coffee houses.
  • Price – thanks to the smaller size and economical materials, coffee shop tables can be cheaper compared to solid wood tables or tables that fit larger number of diners.

Are coffee house tables as strong as other restaurant tables?

Yes they are. Made of commercial grade materials, the tables are strong, durable and made to withstand heavy use. They are also easy to clean and maintain over time.

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