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The Latest Trends of Modern Industrial Restaurant Designs

Wood restaurant furniture

Modern industrial design is a widespread concept for restaurants and any other commercial environments. While this notion is commonly used in industrial premises, many restaurant interior designers are increasingly applying the raw, rough, and down-to-earth aesthetic as a modern restaurant décor. It’s a growing trend that is being embraced in the hospitality industry.

Traits of industrial interior design

Restaurant tables and table tops

Achieving the “warehouse” look is about proudly displaying building materials at your venue that many would try to conceal. It entails creating a raw unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed establishments. It’s about using resources that put emphasis on functionality and style. Used in commercial spaces around the world, modern industrial design generally showcases neutral tones, utilitarian items, and metal/wood surfaces.

Industrial interior design essentially combines the industrial feel with a variety of other styles that range from earthy to polish. This look isn’t exclusively for unfinished spaces, though. Many interior designers who celebrate upscale decors are incorporating the industrial style into many commercial sites using features such as stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures, and even vintage furniture.

Incorporating industrial design into your restaurant décor

Restaurant industrial chairs

Elements that people would normally try to conceal such as unpainted walls, pipes and ducts can be part of your modern restaurant décor. Converting formal industrial spaces to restaurants is a novel concept that is gaining popularity primarily because it can easily be achieved on a budget. Old discarded material can be used to create an industrial restaurant décor. For instance, old and worn-out sinks, vaults, and carts can be redesigned into a table.

Brick walls with steel surfaces and furniture parts are essential for crafting a modern industrial design. However, wood shouldn’t be discounted either. It adds warmth to the industrial décor by softening the roughness of metal and brick. What originally started off as a necessity has evolved to a sought-after trend by many interior design enthusiasts.

Industrial interior designs tend not to be very bright so you can use plants, flowers or vintage posters to add some color to your industrial restaurant décor. Flooring is another factor to take into account. You can choose wooden or cork flooring. Stone flooring will give a heavier industrial vibe. If you are not keen on the unfinished look, you have the option of making your restaurant interior design neater with duller colors and industrial looking appurtenances.

Industrial style restaurant furniture

Industrial restaurant design

Industrial furniture can evoke the feel of a warehouse or factory. Quirky and machine-like industrial materials used to create such furniture add intrigue to any venue. Restaurant furniture made of wood and metal are versatile and blend well with a variety of styles ranging from rustic to modern.

A surplus of wood and metal exteriors can be found in most industrial restaurants. Earth tones and neutrals are popular color choices for industrial style restaurant furniture. Restaurant owners will furnish their dining spaces with wooden tables and industrial chairs. These industrial elements paired together will intensify the modern industrial design which owners want to include in their restaurant decors.

Industrial seating structure

Industrial seating is usually constructed of wooden seats and metal legs. Take this dark grey metal bar stool, for example. This metal bar stool features a fully welded frame and legs with a metal finish. A walnut wood seat is the standard choice that makes this metal bar stool an attractive seating addition. The contemporary design on this bar stool blends well with warm and charming surroundings that one would expect to find in an industrial style commercial environment.

Brightening the mood

By imitating factory pieces and machinery items, the lighting in your industrial restaurant can add a dash of mechanized flair to your dining space. Industrial furnishings can make your restaurant shine with their neutral shades and earth tones. Their neutrality also makes them ideal for spaces with more color where wood and metal furnishing is required. Sleek yet functional, these items marry style with necessity to bring creativity to a restaurant interior.

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