Increase Outdoor Restaurant Seating and Revenue

Summertime is often associated with outdoor dining but you can extend your restaurant’s patio seating season from early spring or through autumn with our commercial patio heaters. From a business standpoint, especially if you run a high traffic operation where guests dine at your patio frequently, it makes sense to have a heater for it. If you as a restaurant owner value your restaurant patio space, you understand that your patio is a revenue powerhouse that helps with your seating capacity. Having a commercial patio heater helps increase hours of operation and service for your outdoor dining space, especially during cooler months. Keeping diners comfortable and happy is always good for business.

Freestanding Restaurant Patio Heaters

Our freestanding heaters are valuable for their portability and spot-heating capabilities. They are built of weather resistant materials making them suitable for outdoor use. Powered by propane gas using superior heat distribution technology the heaters feature a tank house to store a 20 lb cylinder propane tank (not included). Whichever model you choose, each outdoor restaurant heater will stylishly complement your dining set and bring a unique decorative appeal to your outdoor space.

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