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Plain Back Custom Diner Booth #FRU-PLN-DN

Plain Back Custom Diner Booth
  • Manufactured, assembled and upholstered in the USA with American made materials
  • High density foam
  • Wood frame with double-dowel and glue joints
  • Customize the booth to fit your needs – height, length, and shape
  • Standard shapes include: single, double, wall bench, L-shape, 1/2 circle, 3/4 circle
  • Choose from several special grade upholstery options or tell us which material to use

Our restaurant diner booths are made in the USA and can be manufactured in any length, height or shape. Customizable so your booth can fit your exact requirements the diner booth can be customized in height, length, and shape to fit your needs. Standard shapes come in single, double, wall bench, L-shape, 1/2 circle, or 3/4 circle.

Choose from a range of special grade Naugahyde Zodiac Series vinyl with a retro look or choose to use your own upholstery material. You may also choose additional options such as head roll, welt cord, crumb strip and wood / laminate caps.

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Price: $205.00
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2Booth Height
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5Finished Wall Side
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Price: $205.00
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