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Interior Design Tips for 2024: New Year’s Resolutions for Your Restaurant

Industrial Tolix style bar stools

When January rolls around, everyone vows to make lifestyle changes whether it is to lose weight, save money, or spend more time with family and friends. Upgrading the layout and interior design of your dining venue should also be your goal for the coming year.

Most business owners are constantly evaluating their success, when they formulate, strategize, and optimize plans for their commerce. The food industry is not exceptional. To help you off to a strong new beginning, resolutions are provided that is guaranteed to make your commercial environment shine on top of generating more revenue.

Streamline the inventory

One of the best ways to renovate your venue in the most affordable way is to clear the clutter. Imagine the exorbitant amount of money restaurant owners waste on equipment they don’t use and how much they can save if they didn’t make mindless purchases. This can be resolved by prioritizing items you need and don’t need. Omit the least ordered dishes from your menu. Invest in commercial grade furniture rather than using residential furniture that needs to be replaced more frequently. Clear your kitchen of items and produce you no longer use.

Add more color

Wood restaurant chairs and tables

While coffee, vanilla, latte, and cappuccino are great coffee drinks, they do little favors for your décor. For 2022, beige and ivory will be passé. They are colors that people use for walls when you burned through all options. Even bright white is more contemporary and sophisticated. One of the cheapest and fastest ways to transform the design of your restaurant is color. You can paint your wall or use removable wallpaper. Or you can also get restaurant furniture that will add some gloss to the décor. Use a unique color that coordinates with the motif of your setting if you wish to stand out from your competition.

Furniture that makes a statement

Commercial restaurant furniture

Invest in restaurant booths or commercial grade chairs that allow guests to dine in comfort and style. Furnishing your location with items that add a touch of modernity combined with functionality shows that you value quality. Laminated table tops are one of the best choices as they are versatile as well as durable. Apart from being affordably priced, their scratch resistant surfaces make them a popular choice among most owners of eateries. As more restaurants include a bar section, restaurant bar stools are more in demand. Bar stools make a bold statement of your venue’s style. Therefore using a bar stool that matches your décor and fits your budget is very crucial. You should consider furnishing your drinking establishment with commercial grade bar stools that are not only stylishly designed but constructed to meet the rigorous demands of the commercial operation you run.

Don’t shop without a plan

This advice is a damper for spend thrifts. But for essential restaurant items where they are substantially more expensive than residential kitchen appliances, impulsive shopping isn’t the wisest thing to do. Occasionally, you may come across an elegantly designed but pricey chandelier that you are itching to have. Hopefully when your budget allows you to make such a purchase, you should already have a style conceptualized and a blueprint of your restaurant layout to know the placement for that chandelier.

Small details make a big difference

Details make your restaurant one of a kind. Instead of thinking about a major overhaul that will crush your bank account, start with small but manageable habits such as:

  • Making small fixtures on your furniture if and when necessary.
  • Keeping counter and table surfaces clean and dust-free as much as possible.
  • Getting a good set of dinnerware.
  • Decorating each table with fresh flowers and candles to create a romantic ambiance.
  • Formatting a music playlist that sets the tone for the dining experience you want guests to have.

Complete unfinished projects or nix them altogether

If your restaurant is starting to look like a monstrosity, it may be time to rethink the project you were previously working on. If you intend to use mosaic tiling for the floor and you never got around to installing it, you can either salvage the project or think of an alternative. Likewise, if you noticed too many half-done projects, you may want to call it quits to spare you the time and aggravation.

You need to decide which projects you are able to handle for your restaurant layout and cancel out the ones that are too convoluted. You can hire a professional interior designer for further assistance or donate the materials you don’t need to someone or an organization who can utilize it. Don’t be hesitant to share your dining interior (and exterior) resolutions with family and friends or anyone you trust. What is your restaurant design resolution for 2022?