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Restaurant Furniture: The Aluminum Edge Laminate Table Top

The Aluminum Edge Laminate Table Top was recently added to’s full section of laminated table tops. Like the rest of the laminated table tops, the aluminum edge come in many shapes and sizes in a vast array of styles and colors, including custom laminates. Included are also wide range sizes, of colors and patterns to customize this laminated table top.

The Aluminum Edge Table Top is constructed by thermally fusing horizontal grade laminate with 1/8" thick 45 pound industrial grade particle board to make a thickness of 1 1/4". The aluminum edge featured gives this table top an extra shine. Made in the USA, the aluminum edge table top is built to withstand heavy usage in rigorous commercial environments.

Beautifully designed, elegant, sturdy, and durable, the superior construction of the aluminum edge table top is perfectly suited for offices, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and leisure venues. It is lightweight with maximum edge treatments. The easy-grip aluminum runners reduce the table weight and further add to safety and handling efficiency. This table top also pairs well with any of our table bases.

As with our wood table tops, this aluminum edge table top lasts significantly longer and little maintenance required. The laminate produced by Wilson Art and Formica is applied to this laminate table top primarily for stain resistance. The laminate eliminates brown lines and preserves the condition of the table top. Customers can choose from the customization options that are available to design the finishing touch hey desire for this table top. prides itself in manufacturing top quality commercial laminated table tops. The Aluminum Edge table top is no exception. We aim to give you the best choice possible for your money. The Aluminum Edge comes with a factory warranty and is high quality commercial grade exclusively made for high traffic hospitality environments.