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Bar and Nightclub Interior Design Tips, Guides and Trends 2024

Restaurant tables and chairs

A lot of interior designers cringe to the mere mention of design trends. Many will say that a true design doesn’t follow a trend but the other way around. We, as a society, have trends which we create, develop, and follow. A great interior design can contribute and reflect on the trends we set for society.

From blueprints to bar stools, contemporary and innovative nightclub interior designs personify the digital age we live in: portability, autonomy in customizing the interior design to one’s likings, and the subtle sense of inimitability. In today’s App culture, people want to create a customized experience from unlimited options and take it everywhere with them.

Like in most commercial venues, customization of nightclub interior designs entails flexibility. A big space has the capacity to transform to meet the needs of customers. There is practically a space for everyone whether they are a boisterous crowd of six people looking to socialize or a couple looking to enhance their intimate moment with each other. In most cases, such environments can exist within the same venue.

Flexibility normally commences with interior design. When opening a nightclub, the owner should keep in mind that the design needs to cater to the variety of needs of his/her customers. Experts like Mike Suomi, principle of Manhattan based interior design firm Stonehill & Taylor Architects, suggests that nightclubs provide a set of fundamental social necessities, including areas that customers will be seen in such as dance floors, raised platforms, open areas, and even more private areas to watch the action from.

When the nightclub’s nooks incorporate the right amount of lighting, features and furniture makes guests feel validated and gives them the feel of perceived value. Rather than using big and expansive nightclubs, many interior designers prefer to break up big spaces into smaller sections with larger seating arrangements comprising of at least 10 restaurant chairs for a more personal and inviting feel. Large nightclubs are condensing their spaces and filling them with more restaurant furniture. This method gives the illusion that the nightclubs are full.

Patio furniture

Some nightclubs are making the furniture flexible for the property itself by including features that add to the décor of a restaurant, lobby, or any commercial venue with spaces that demand more chairs or restaurant booths that night. With the right amount of space, flexible seating and planning, a nightclub can amplify its appeal and attract more customers. Interior designers recommend building a nightclub venue that is multi-faceted. Customer loyalty from different audiences visiting a venue on specific days is more conducive for business than having the same group of people frequent your place 5 nights a week.

Sometimes, guests prefer to take the nightlife experience outdoors. A hotel rooftop or a street-level patio gives customers a change of scenery and nightclub owners an opportunity to provide their guests with new clubbing experiences while creating a profitable space. In general, outdoor space tends to be more relaxed and comfortable for guests. An outside space makes more of a statement with bold color cushions resting on patio furniture than an indoor space furnished with black and white tables, chairs, bar stools and booths. Nowadays, an outdoor nightclub venue is likely to have modular seating. Flexibility and entertainment are a marriage officiated by nightlife design. Below are tips on how to keep the trends and designs in synch with each other:

Buy smartly with the right furniture

Restaurant booth

With options furniture for nightclubs abound from modular to custom built seating, it’s important to consider what space you are trying to achieve for your venue. Do you intend to leave the seating configurations as they are or will you move the furniture around to create arrangements that accommodate different themes and/or clientele? When selecting furniture, be sure to consider the durability, ease of cleaning, scratch resistant and repairmen options.

Be creative with lighting

Illumination from random spaces such as table bases and wall panels provide both light and ambiance to the nightclub. When making selections on lighting for your nightclub, a reliable power source and durability as well as energy efficiency should be factored in.

Utilize the outdoors to the maximum

Restaurant patio furniture

When expanding your venue to an outdoor area, elements of the fresh air and night sky should remain at the center of the stage. Selecting heaters, fans, umbrellas and patio furniture can go a long way in boosting the nightlife experience. Search for outdoor furniture that is attractive as well as weather resistant.