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How to Choose the Right Wood Chair for Your Restaurant

Wood restaurant tables and chairs

Before buying wood chairs for your restaurant or venue there are some things you should know about commercial grade wood chairs.

Anatomy of a Wood Chair

All wood chairs have some sort of reinforcement of the joints. Most will have minimal reinforcement, especially if they are made for non-commercial use. Commercial grade chairs should have a sturdier feel and use stronger materials which will help them to better cope with more usage on a daily basis.

Most wood chairs have a support bars between connecting the legs for extra stability and resistance. Commercial grade chairs will have a wider support bar compared to non –commercial ones. This support bar will also be reinforced with larger and stronger L brackets.

The chairs will also have thick solid wood corner blocks reinforced with glue and heavy duty screws as opposed to thinner corner blocks held together by small diameter screws. Even if the chairs look identical this will allow you to pick out the commercial grade one and ensure that you are getting a long lasting, sturdy wood chair.

Another point that needs to be taken into consideration is the chair’s wood seat. Wood chairs that are constructed for home use tend to have a plywood rounded seat. While the seat looks good it doesn’t last as long and is less comfortable if sat upon for long periods. Commercial grade wood seat is made of solid wood and is saddle shaped for a more comfortable experience.

Match the Chair to the Decor

Any commercial grade wood chair can function well in most venues however, despite function being very important, form has an important role to play too. A chair needs to visually match the surrounding it is in and needs to fit the message you are trying to convey. For example, in a dimly lit room with candles on the tables a good idea would be to get a mahogany or cherry stained wood chair. Those stains tend to reflect very nicely the light emitted by the candles and will help to enhance the romantic atmosphere of the venue.

In a more casual restaurant which is well lit and also has high traffic during lunch hours a natural or walnut stained wood chair might look more inviting and will blend in well with the lighting in the room. The same goes to the design of the chair, for an upscale restaurant, where a Beidermeir chair would do nicely. Its curvy and comfortable back design combined with its rich look, match the look that customers of such a venue expect to see when walking in. On the other hand such a chair might look out of place in a more country themed restaurant where a window back wood chair would look better.