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Best Interior Design Ideas for Italian Themed Restaurants

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While checkered table cloths, images of major Italian tourist attractions, or statues of grapevines seem to be the standard images for an Italian restaurant décor, the truth of the matter is that Italian restaurants are designed in diverse ways. The Italian interior design of a restaurant varies on the provenance, cuisine, and target audience. Decorating an Italian restaurant can pose a challenge to some restaurateurs, especially if they are not presented with potential design options inherent in their space. But as a restaurateur, you are only as limited as your imagination.

Italian Restaurant Décor Variations

Patio furniture on location

Italian restaurants can either look cozy and intimate or they can appear expansive when you use a bit of decorating finesse for your space. It all depends on the ambience you want your customers to feel. Some Italian restaurants put a lot of emphasis on the conviviality of the atmosphere with a rustic décor, wood chairs, and an open kitchen. This décor highlights on comfort and the joy of life. Owners of more formal Italian restaurants use great wall paper, muted lighting, striking vintage fixtures, beautifully patterned carpeting for the floor, and ornamental restaurant tables and chairs.

You may notice great decorative items on the walls, dark wooden floors that contrast the elegant table cloths in other restaurants. In between these decors are a wide range of modern Italian restaurants with back-lit wine shelves and provide sleek restaurant seating arrangements accompanied with mirrors and plain walls. There are Italian restaurant decors that are sometimes a matter of family story as a lot of these restaurants tend to be family owned business. Such decors should be Italian restaurant design ideas of one individual or the entire family so they can work together to give their dining establishment a more homey, cluttered, welcoming feel. In conclusion, Italian restaurant décor is as diverse as your imagination allows it to be. If you’re likely to provide a great atmosphere for your restaurant, the odds of guests visiting and returning to your venue will be in your favor.

Creative Italian Restaurant Design Ideas and Trends

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Italian restaurants exude a special charm that draws visitors to them. Italian style designs are trending and there is a myriad of ideas that enable you to keep up with the spirit of modernity. These ideas are popular for their versatility and you can use them as homage to your favorite country or cuisine. Natural materials for the walls, countertops, flooring, decorations, and restaurant furniture are recommended for creating an Italian style décor for your restaurant. When it comes to selecting colors for your motif, shades of gold or earth tones is your best choice. For the simplest upgrades, using a fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost effective ways to give your restaurant a fresh and clean look. It can also manipulate the dimensions of your dining room giving it the illusion of a very large space. Cool shades such as green, blue, or purple can create that illusion. Dark or warm hues, however, can give your restaurant a more intimate feel.

Quick, Easy and Affordable Upgrades

Outdoor chairs and table

Implementing design ideas and concepts don’t always require you to break your wallet. You can make some touch-ups that are quick, easy, effective and cheap. A dining table covered with a red checkered tablecloth fashions a more classic, informal Italian restaurant setting for your venue. For more formal occasions, you can dress your tables with white linen tablecloths. For added elegance, you can use an empty Chianti bottle covered with candle wax as a centerpiece. For a contemporary upgrade, spray paint empty clean wine/champagne bottles with red, white or green to play off the colors of the Italian flag. When masking off upper areas of the bottles, you can use painter’s tape to protect the bottles while painting them. Faux grape vines and decorative olive oil jars are another way to spice up your restaurant design.

Wall Embellishments, Accessories and Faux Finishes/Murals

Internal restaurant design

Using accessories is a cheap and easy way to decorate your Italian style restaurant but you need to decide which accessories work best with your décor. Simple decorations such as a framed Italian restaurant menu, a vintage tin sign or a poster advertising Italian olive oil, wine, or bread can jazz up your Italian themed restaurant space. Fill the entire wall area with framed photos or portraits of Italian family members, celebrity chefs, or interior vintage shots of Italian restaurant. You can also stencil the word such as ristorante several feet across the wall in your dining room with a projector. Displaying wooden Italian kitchen utensils such as a polenta paddle ravioli rolling pin or a pizza cutting board across the wall can enhance your motif. Or you can display these items on top of repurposed shelves along with Italian spice tins.

If you are looking to change the entire look of your space altogether, a faux finish or mural emulating the look of an old Italian restaurant or outdoor café scene may do the trick. Color washing your walls with bright shades of yellow or orange will give your space a look that is similar to stucco. You also have the option to paint a mural of an Italian street scene featuring an outdoor café. Just simply project the desired image on the wall, trace it in with chalk and fill in the outlines with the paint colors of your choice.

Italian Family Style Restaurant Concept

Family style dining is essentially casual style dining in America that typically offers moderately priced dishes from menus that feature a mix of classic cuisines which are individualized with signature dips, sauces or other toppings. Family style restaurants come in a range of themes from Mexican, barbecue, Chinese, and Italian. These types of restaurants provide tableside service and non-disposable dinnerware while keeping the listed items on the menu moderately priced. The ambience of an Italian family style restaurant is generally comfortable and inviting which makes them popular. Take Olive Garden, a family style restaurant chain that helped people develop a taste and appreciation towards Tuscan style cooking. This Italian restaurant has launched one of the most successful campaigns for their family style dining with the tagline ”When you’re here, you’re family” serving unlimited salads and breads along with large platters for an entire dining party. Nowadays, serving individual plated entrees to guests is mainstream at family style restaurants.