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Restaurant Furniture: Tables & Bases Guide, Tips and Tricks

Industrial restaurant furniture

One aspect of effective restaurant management includes making sure that the dining room is furnished with sufficient right sized restaurant tables to meet the expected demands. Table tops and table bases are the foundations on which every dining experience your customers have is built.

Restaurant Tables - Sizes and Capacity

Most restaurateurs draw their seating layout plan to fit as many restaurant tables in their dining rooms without overcrowding guests. Determining the number of people you need to seat comfortably with various table sizes can be a difficult estimation to make. Below, you can reference this chart to calculate seating capacity and decide on the right table tops for you.

Table Shape Standard Table Dimension Total Seats / People *
Square Tops 24" x 24" to 48" x 48" 2 to 8 people
Round Top 24” to 72” 2 to 10 people
Rectangular Tops 24" x 30" to 36" x 96" 2 to 8-10 people

* A restaurant table’s capacity is subject to change depending on the type of venue

Square Tables
square tables seating
Rectangle Tables
rectangle tables seating
rectangle tables seating
Round Tables
round tables seating
round tables seating
Drop Leaf Tables
drop leaf tables seating
drop leaf tables seating
drop leaf tables seating

Popular Table Top Shapes and Materials

When thinking about the restaurant tables your venue requires, you would have to consider the following factors:

  • An exquisitely furnished dining space that will provide phenomenal customer service.
  • Furniture style that highlights your concept.
  • Assurance of comfortable seating experience and long lasting durability.
  • Commercial grade construction of high quality materials.

Table tops come in a variety of shapes, materials and finishes. From solid wood, to laminate, granite and (plastic) teak, has numerous indoor and outdoor dining solutions:

Indoor Use
solid wood restaurant table

Wood Table Tops

Made of hardwood. Durable and easy to repair. Requires regular maintenance to upkeep its appearance.
veneer restaurant table

Veneer Table Tops

Made of thin layers of hardwood though not as durable as solid wood.
resin restaurant table top

Resin Table Tops

Crafted by a mixture of resin with hardener featured in a glossy finish. Durable, scratch, stain, and heat resistant.
stainless steel patio tables

Stainless Steel

Impervious to heat, rust and corrosion. Very suitable for outdoor use.
werzalit patio tables


Weather-resistant resin bonded wood. Impervious to mechanical, thermal and chemical effects these tops provide a smooth surface that is easy to maintain.
faux teak patio table tops

Synthetic Teak

The synthetic teak table tops are perfect for outdoor use. Made of high-density polyethylene the table tops look like teak but are built to last a lifetime.

Table Bases Height

When it comes to the dimensions of the restaurant table, you have the option of selecting an entire table set or look for suitable and matching table bases that come in different heights and include all the necessary hardware to assemble together with the top of your choice. Another option is to have your commercial furniture distributor design and assemble your restaurant table for you according to your specifications. Each table base is available in both standard (30") and bar height (42").

restaurant table heightrestaurant bar table height

Table Base Types and Components

Table bases are the focal points of a restaurant table. They affect your customers’ dining experience and mismatching a base with the wrong top size can create an awkward and uncomfortable dining experience. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, most of our table bases include the following components:

restaurant table base spider


This component sits on top of the column. It attaches the table top to the table base.
restaurant table base column


The column is the body of the base. It gives the table top its desired height.
restaurant table base

Base Plate

Featured at the bottom of the base, the plate offers stability and support to the entire table.
restaurant table base glides


Glides are fitted beneath the plate and serve to protect both the base finish and floors from scuffing and scratches when moved.
X prong restaurant table base

X Prong

X prong bases are often paired with square or rectangular table tops but they can also be used on round table tops.
round restaurant table base


Round table bases are often assembled with round table tops but it’s not uncommon to pair them with square tops.
square restaurant table base


This base provides stability to your table top while minimizing wobbling due to the wide square plate.
bolt down restaurant table base


Bolt-down bases are designed to secure the column to the floor. They provide maximum stability ensuring that your table is both appealing and sturdy.
2 prong restaurant table base

2 Prong

This base is commonly used for adequate support of long, rectangular table tops. Use two of these bases, placing each at the end of the table top for optimal strength and support.

Space Considerations

When deciding on the desired table base, you need to consider more than just their looks. While square or round bases are easier to clean around, they inhibit chairs to be fully pushed in and bolt down bases don't allow for the table to be moved and space to be re-arranged. So if aisle or floor space is restricted those may not be your best choice.

On the other hand, X prong bases are a little harder to clean around, yet they allow chairs to be pushed in further thus freeing up more floor space. 2 prong bases are easy to clean around and don’t prevent chairs from being pushed in at all. Those however, require a pair to keep a table upright and strong so cost becomes a factor as well.

Restaurant Table Tops and Bases Compatibility

Once you chose the desired table top and base all you need to do is match the right size and weight of the two. The size of the top will invariably define the size of the base. Weight is a big factor in your choice as heavier tables might look better but are harder to move and rearrange when serving larger parties. Refer to our table tops and bases chart for further guidance.

If you want to make your restaurant tables purchasing process faster and easier, just order from our large selection of restaurant table sets. Simply choose the table top size and the correct table base will be automatically added.