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The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Chairs

Restaurant Chairs

Not all chairs are created equally. If you are thinking about buying a new set of chairs for your restaurant, you may be overwhelmed by the array of styles, designs, shapes, colors, materials, sizes and budget. There are so many options and factors to consider. Yes, it’s tempting to select the beautifully diamond patterned upholstered dining chair or opt for a more transitional Nordic style chairs but it ultimately boils down to which restaurant chair is best suited for your business needs. It’s not as stressful as it looks, and this comprehensive buyer’s guide serves to help you make the right choice when purchasing a restaurant chair online.

Commercial Grade Vs. Residential

Although all chairs may seem the same to many, they are not. Afterall, the thinking goes, a chair is a chair, regardless of what it looks like, how it’s made or where you buy it from. Unfortunately, this is a false line of thinking for several reasons.

Even though some designers and restaurant owners have taken to choosing residential furniture for their small eateries and offices, commercial grade chairs come with many significant benefits for any business in the hospitality industry.

Commercial Grade Restaurant Chair

Commercial grade restaurant chair

Residential Chair

residential grade restaurant design

How Are We Building Commercial Chairs?

The production and manufacturing of wood restaurant chairs takes a lot of time and requires ingenuity. The production process varies depending on whether it concerns residential chairs or elegant restaurant chairs for commercial venues. Either way, it includes many steps from selection of wood type to assembling the piece. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure that you have a finished product that looks amazing, is comfortable and can be used for many years.

In the case for commercial grade wood chairs, the top factors are:

Commercial wood chairs construction

Tounge and Groove with Corner Block Reinforcement

Wood naturally expands and contracts with changes of temperature and humidity. There are massive differences in the construction of residential versus commercial chairs. To ensure durability and strength we use both mortise and tenon joints and tongue & groove with corner blocks reinforcement. The joint and other components are extremely strong and durable because they integrate into the material and structure rather than added to them. When it comes to mortise and tenon there are 2 separate parts which are prepared:
  • Mortise – a hole cut into a furniture piece which is designed to receive a corresponding piece.
  • Tenon – a projection piece made for insertion into a mortise.
Commercial Grade Wood Finish

Commercial Grade Wood Finish

When it comes to our chairs the finishing process includes 7 steps that starts with fine sanding each piece followed by a high quality sand sealing application which acts as a base for a conversion varnish topcoat.

Most Popular Wood Chairs for Restaurants

Commercial Metal Chairs

In the past, metal restaurant seating options were reduced to being less attractive as the choices available weren’t suitable for many restaurants décor themes. Fortunately, today’s choices are more variant as well as functional. As a restaurateur, you know that looks are only part of the equation. Metal chairs offer the utmost durability in any situation and environments, providing you with a great ROI for many years to come.

There are many situations that make restaurant metal chairs a perfect fit for most dining areas. With modern techniques, metal chairs can be shaped in many ways that suit minimalist, urban, modern, casual, or elegant décor styles.

In the case for commercial grade metal chairs, the top factors are:

welded joints in commercial metal chairs

Welded Joints

With fully welded joints and 16-gauge steel our commercial grade metal chairs have a 500lbs capacity and a limited time warranty. The metal frame is powder coated in a selection of finishes from the standard black to green, white and even a clear coat for that popular industrial look. The powder coat is long lasting and ensures the chair looks as good as new through years of heavy use.
Commercial grade metal chairs manufacturing

Commercial Grade Seats - Wood or Padded

Out metal chairs come with a variety of customization options especially on the seat. Many include an American made premium quality solid beech seat with a highly durable finish. We also have 2 1/2” thick high-density industrial grade foam padded seat upholstered in a vast array of vinyls and fabrics.

Most Popular Metal Chairs for Restaurants

Patio Chairs

When evaluating outdoor restaurant chairs, chances are that you are looking for the same qualities and characteristics you value in indoor commercial chairs – durability, comfort, style and affordability. However, the primary difference is that patio chairs are built to endure outdoor weather.

Similar to indoor restaurant chairs, strength and durability vary by the materials used. Therefore, it’s important to understand the strengths and weakness of various material options to help you determine how well each aligns with the requirements for your commercial outdoor environment. Common materials used for commercial outdoor chairs are:

  • Synthetic Teak – The look of wood without the hassle. Easy to maintain and extremely durable sunthetic teak comes in a variety of finishes that look like real wood.
  • Faux Rattan – UV resistant and long lasting faux teak will stand up to heavy use in any commercial evnvironment and unlike natural teak it has a 500 lbs weight capacity.
  • Aluminum – Lightweight, strong and durable, aluminum chairs are easy to stack and move around. They are also scratch and weather resistant and will look as good as new through heavy use.

Most Popular Metal Chairs for Restaurants