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Anchor Bar - Orange, CA

metal swivel bar stools for restaurants

Anchor Bar is a popular chain of maritime themed restaurant bars. They have locations in California, New York, Texas, Georgia and in Canada. The location in the City of Orange in California is on a corner location on a popular street with large windows providing ample sunlight. Like the other locations, it has a nautical theme that goes with the bar’s name and its trademark logo anchor.

The interior design can be described as traditional, industrial. It has acid washed tile flooring in a rust brown color that has a weathered look as if it were exposed to sea air. Adding to the industrial look are exposed duct-works in the ceiling above the main dining area. The ceiling above the bar is red, like the walls with low hanging incandescent lights. The walls are painted red, which goes with the trademark red anchor and the wall is decorated with a ship anchor, captain’s wheel and license plates from other states, a popular look in dive bars.

Restaurant Furniture

With new tables, chairs and bar stools that flow with the nautical and industrial motif of the bar they ordered distressed pine table tops for the dining area. The distressed looking items fit in well with the nautical theme since they have a slightly weathered look as if they had been exposed to the sun and sea air. The distressed look also goes well with the industrial motif and the red walls, enhancing the decor giving the bar a more authentic look.

For bar seating the swivel ladder back metal bar stools were added. The bar stools have a classic style that is one of the most popular in the industry. With black frame finish and comfortable padded seats upholstered in wine vinyl the bar stools have a traditional design that blends in perfectly with the bar’s interior design scheme. The wine colored vinyl seats are a nice complement to the red-colored walls. The metal bar stool also fits in well with the industrial style interior’s acid washed concrete floors. The swivel bar stools allow guests to relax while enjoying a drink at the bar and swivel 360 degrees to enjoy a view of the rest of the bar.

Restaurant Furniture

For additional seating, Anchor Bar chose matching ladder back metal chairs also in black frame finish. He ordered some chairs with padded black vinyl seats and others in wine. This created a nice mix with both colors matching the industrial and nautical themes. The wine colored seats went well with the distressed pine tables and the red walls adding a bit of color while still blending in. The ladder back metal chairs can be seen in many restaurants both modern and traditional. The combination of the metal ladder back chairs and bar stools creates an attractive and welcoming look.

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