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Modern restaurant furniture design

Afro Deli is an inspiring immigrant success story sure to warm your heart. The deli's owner, Abidiraham Kahin, a Somali immigrant, opened his first restaurant in downtown Minneapolis about 10 years ago and recently decided to expand with a new location and bold plans to establish a chain of restaurants serving ethnic African food as well as Mediterranean and American cuisine.

In 2015 he opened a new location in St. Paul and another location in Stadium Village in 2017. His decision to start a chain in light of the economically challenging times in Minneapolis shows Kahin's ambition and determination as well as his desire to contribute to the city that is now his adopted new home. An uban, fast-casual restaurant with a sumptuous fusion of African, Mediterranean and American cuisine, Afro Deli offers a full sensory experience. When you enter the restaurant, your taste buds are treated to tantalizing aromas that will leave your mouth watering. The unique decor has an international ambiance that transports you to an exotic locale. The music adds to make this a fun, relaxing atmosphere

The recent gives off a fast yet friendly vibe where everyone feels welcome. Afro Deli has a community atmosphere where a diverse group of patrons converge from students to business professionals and families. They are proud of being a socially responsible enterprise that weaves business with community and culture. All of their dishes are made fresh and are prepared Halal. Community involvement is very important for Afro Deli and Grill. The restaurant owner and management are very socially responsible. They donate a percentage of proceeds to local organizations to advocate a vibrant and health community for all. They take active steps to reinvest in the community, Afro Deli has provided thousands of free meals to the most vulnerable in the community.

Restaurant wood chairs, bar stools and table tops

Xander Wood Restaurant Chair

To complete his seating needs, Kahin bought our wood chairs and matching bar stools from Restaurant to complete the decor. The stylish look and luxurious padded seats were the perfect addition to meet his seating needs. He also liked the fact that they matched, which gave his restaurant a cohesive look. He was happy to have such a large selection of designs and fabrics to choose from so he could find seating to blend in with Afro's unique decor. As a successful restaurateur, he knows the restaurant furniture is more than something that is sat on or that food is placed on. It's an integral part of the restaurant's character and completes the dining experience and he knows he can count on Restaurant to partner with him for success when he opens his next location.
Restaurant wall benches - button tufted booths

Button Tufted Restaurant Booths

Comfortable seating is of prime importance to Kahin, so he went with American made button-tufted black wall benches. American quality and workmanship is important to him because he needs durable seating that can withstand heavy traffic.

Situated in the more subdued part of the restaurant, the wall benches are a perfect match to the color scheme and wall decor and also aid in maximizing the available seating which otherwise would make the space too cramped for comfort. Also made in the US the solid wood table tops are the finishing touch in this well designed and inviting space.

Black wood restaurant chairs and bar stools

The colorful decor combined with the somewhat darker restaurant furniture come together to create an inviting and uplifting atmosphere. Afro-Deli makes great use of color and light in the message it conveys to its customers: "Come in, relax and enjoy the food which is as full of flavor as this room is of color."

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