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Alon’s Bakery and Marketplace - Atlanta, GA

Alon’s Bakery and Marketplace - Atlanta, GA

Located just inside the heart of Atlanta, this wonderful shop boasts a sizable menu of fresh baked goods ranging from cakes to pies to sandwiches to even more. Established and serving Atlanta since 1992, the bakery and marketplace are owned and operated by head chef Alon Balshan, an Israeli immigrant who’s borne a love of baking since childhood.

The interior of the market is styled after a melange of authentic European cultures, like a fusion of styles one might happily chance upon in an Italian square, Greek agora, or French promenade. Within the market, vaulted ceilings, broad archways, and exposed brickwork finished in a variety of light, warm, earthen colors lend the interior a comfortable, casual, and homely atmosphere. Shelving reaches from floor to ceiling on every wall, stocked with bottles of wine, oils, preserves, and cooking and baking supplements. Out on the floor, display tables nearly overflow with jams, jellies, loaves of old world bread, cured meats and sausages, cheeses, and the list goes on; it’s as if a multicultural pantry grew to fit the size of a market.

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Outfitted with well-stocked and well-equipped wine and espresso bars, the dining venue will never fail to leave customers satisfied. The kitchen provides a hearty artisan menu with notable European influences, with dishes featuring the bakery’s goods throughout its breakfast, brunch, and lunch options. The dining spaces are as refined as the food, with many locations offering both indoor and patio dining in addition to bar seating. The floors are a mix of large, brick-orange square tiling and small white hex-tiling with dark earthen grout outlines that stylishly differentiate the counter floor from the dining room.

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The food offered by Alon’s is artisanal, prepared fresh daily and upon order. The quality is touted by customers as worth every penny. The bakery offers a diverse range of pastries for every palette, from macarons to opera cake to the oft-praised croissants, and is also supplemented with additional seasonal offerings. The bakery is paired with a delicatessen for more savory lunchtime dishes, such as a well-renowned mutton sandwich that pairs well with any one of a number of soups offered for a meal combo or separately, if you’re in the mood for lighter fare. There are also salads, from traditional Greek style featuring feta cheese, red onions, and kalamata olives to crisp garden salads garnished with cucumbers, shredded turkey, artichoke hearts and sliced hard-boiled egg. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Alon’s has a dish for every appetite and every occasion, as it even offers catering services.

Dressed with wide-topped bar and slim bar stools, combined with wood tables and metal-wood chairs, the dining spaces of Alon’s are modern, minimalistic, and thematically cohesive. The Basel Metal with Veneer-Back chairs and Slate White metal bar stools they purchased from us help unite old-world style with new through the prominent rich dark walnut finish on the seats and backrests. Similar stylings for both the restaurant's chairs and bar stools help keep the dining areas stylistically unitary and distinguishably separate from the market, while white accents on the seating supports for the bar stools offer just enough of a visual cue to keep the dining room and bar areas distinct. The dark, earthen colors and wood table tops help tie the authentic decor theme together, while the slim frame and straight, angled legs lend an air of modernity to the dining area that helps tie the entire space neatly together from market to bistro.

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