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Benny's Grill - Decatur, IL

Bennys Grill

Benny’s Grill has a laid back atmosphere offering burgers, roasted chicken salads, pasta, steaks & seafood, plus pizza & other Italian dishes. They have become well-known for their delicious food, especially their burgers and chicken wings. The building’s exterior looks like a ranch style cabin. The grill is located in Decatur, which is in central Illinois and was the city of President Abraham Lincoln’s first home.

The interior has a nice cozy, woodsy feel with plank solid wood floors and wood ceiling. There is also wood paneling on the walls with lights on the walls and ceiling in classic Midwestern style which helps brighten up the interior. There are many windows that bathe the dining room in natural light giving the venue a down to home feel. The restaurant has a Midwestern motif, decorated with classic Americana memorabilia such as an American flag made out of solid wood and vintage corporate signs for Miller Lite beer and other American products. The bar and grill also has a comfortable country ambiance. There is also a bar area with a large screen television for guests to enjoy watching sports.

restaurant seating

The owner of Benny’s Grill, contacted our team to help him furnish his bar and grill thanks to our reputation for high quality restaurant furniture and many years of experience helping restaurants.

For seating, they chose the US made button tufted back restaurant booths. The American made booths are custom made to the owner’s exact specifications. They are also comfortable and durable. The button tufted booths also give Benny’s Grill a prestigious look. The customers also tend to prefer booths since they give them more seating room and privacy. These booths come in 48 inch height back which provides extra privacy and gives the booths a more impressive appearance. The booths were placed around the perimeter of the restaurant making the most of the available floor space and upgrading the look of the venue.

Restaurant interior

To provide guests with a choice of seating, they also ordered metal chairs with wood curved back. The chairs come with a strong metal frame in black finish, wood mahogany back rests and padded seats upholstered in black vinyl. The chars blend in nicely with the wood walls and flooring and adds to the grill’s bucolic charm. The chairs have a stylish design that adds a touch of elegance that flows well with the country look. The chairs also go well with the solid wood table tops.

For bar seating they got matching curved wood back metal bar stools. The stylish bar stools also come in black frame finish and to give the bar and grill a cohesive look the backs are also stained in mahogany and the padded seats are upholstered in black vinyl.

Restaurant Booths and Tables

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