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Big Bad Breakfast - Little Rock, AR

Big Bad Breakfast - Little Rock, AR

Chef John Currence has had a long and storied history with food, cooking for the first time on a tugboat in oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico. He fell in love. Serving great breakfasts to others became his passion, and his dream was realized in 2009 when the opportunity came to open his own breakfast spot.

Big Bad Breakfast was born to give the local community a place for a great start to their day, and John ensured from the outset that every ingredient, from the sausage to the biscuits and even the jellies, was made from scratch. The popularity of the restaurant speaks volumes about both the menu and his dedication to serving memorable and nourishing meals.


A mix of mid-century and contemporary design styles is evident upon entering, demonstrated by the choice of chairs, comfortable booths, and a tiled floor overlaid with a patterned carpet. Diner-style pendant lighting hangs down, and retro lamps dot the counter.

restaurant seating

The unique use of color provides visual interest, notably the choice of two different colored diner chairs, placed with care in a diagonal fashion across the solid wood table tops. The booths, with their unassuming off white hue, are tastefully placed against the wall, accented by muted wood paneling and simple gray rectangles in place of any wall art. The interior is unassuming and tasteful, allowing guests to focus on their meal without distraction.

Ethan Metal Chair & Bar Stool

With their retro look and industrial-style clear coat finish, these seating options offer a sense of comfort and familiarity, as this style of seating has been a staple in a variety of restaurants and diners for years. Perfectly complementing the other furniture, their classic mid-century design is at home with the carpet and tile flooring, keeping well in line with the decor style the venue was trying to achieve.

Ethan Metal Chair

A retro work of art, this clear coated diner chair is crafted from rugged metal, ensuring durability and longevity in high-traffic areas. The comfortably padded seat and back is available in a choice of several premium vinyl colors, and the ribbed channeling accentuates its vintage charm. Protective glides protect the floor.

Ethan Metal Bar Stool

Ethan Metal Bar Stool

Crafted from commercial-grade clear coat metal with a reinforcement bar under the seat, this stool will stand the test of time under heavy everyday use. Its channeled back and seat are offered in several premium vinyl colors, allowing for customization to suit a range of decor styles.

Solid Wood Butcher Block Table Top

A statement of American-made excellence, this premium table top offers a sense of sophistication and class wherever it is placed. Blending well here, it balances out the modern and retro style of the rest of the space, providing a touch of traditional elegance that will not go unnoticed by guests.

restaurant seating

The Solid Wood Butcher Block Table Top shown above is a versatile piece, offered in a range of shapes and sizes, as well as with a variety of wood finish options using a 7-stage staining process for durability and long-lasting use. Crafted with a 1 ½” thickness, it is also available in a 2” option, for those who seek added strength and style. For venues seeking a flexible seating arrangement, it can be ordered with a drop leaf. Made in the USA from responsibly harvested wood, it will prove a lasting, functional, and beautiful addition to any commercial space.

Plain Back Restaurant Booth

Booths are always a great idea when considering one’s interior design, and this setting is no exception. For guests who want to enjoy a leisurely breakfast with a bit of privacy, their placement and size makes them perfect for small parties. The camel colored vinyl is perfectly in line with the rest of the decor, allowing the more colorful aspects to take center stage in the room..

restaurant seating

Fully customizable in length, shape, and height, our Plain Back Booth can be tailored to fit any interior commercial space. Shown above in Double configuration, it is offered as well in Single, Wall Bench, L-Shape, and ½ & ¾ circle. With a choice of premium vinyl or fabric upholstery on the back, and mix and match vinyl colors for the seat, the options are endless. Crafted in America with care, the high-density padding and rugged wood frame construction ensures it will be a lasting seating solution for any venue. .

Plain Back Diner Chair

With a retro look that takes customers back, the inclusion of these chairs accentuates the family diner feel of the space. With their shiny clear-coat finish and simple yet rugged construction, these chairs serve the venue well aesthetically, while at the same time providing comfortable and functional seating options for guests.

restaurant seating

The chairs shown above are similar to our Plain Back Diner Chair. Offered in a choice of standard or sparkle vinyl, as well as with mix and match upholstery options for the back and seat, this chair’s classic retro look adds mid-century charm to any space it graces. Crafted using 18-gauge steel with a chrome plated finish, this stand-out item really adds pop to any diner or family style commercial establishment.

Only open for breakfast but serving lunch too, this restaurant does one thing and does it well. They make good food. Enjoy a home-made meal next time you’re in Little Rock. Everything is fresh and made on-site, and you won’t soon forget the food or the atmosphere. For more information please visit The Big Bad Breakfast Website.

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