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Biscuits & Jams - Bartlett, TN

Biscuits & Jams - Bartlett, TN

There’s no place like home, and home is where you are when you’re at Biscuits & Jams. It is located in Bartlett, TN, a town originally called "Union Depot", which once served as the last major depot along the westward stagecoach route from Nashville. With a rich community history and an emphasis on family, this small burg is the perfect place for the restaurant, which offers down-home Southern cooking and a friendly atmosphere.

Menu & Design

The menu is what one would expect of Southern style American dining, offering everything from full breakfast fare to a lunch of fried green tomatoes, Po’ Boys, burgers, and shrimp with grits.

The design is a mix of modern and traditional, with its welcoming wood floors and contemporary/mid century upholstered seating. The walls are tastefully adorned in green and white, with the perfect amount of lighting streaming in from the floor to ceiling windows, complete with tasteful shades to keep guests comfortable. It feels like being in your Grandmother’s dining room, with small and understated wall hangings and a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

restaurant seating

The central pole is covered in faux ivy, and modern ceiling fan lights provide relief from the hot Tennessee summers while augmenting the natural sunlight coming in. A bookshelf and knick-knacks accent the homey feel, and a small flower on each table welcomes each guest as they sit for a memorable dining experience. It offers a simple layout, nothing special yet meaningful at the same time. Dining here is a relaxing experience, and the unobtrusive layout allows guests to focus on a filling and satisfying meal.

Premium Aria Metal Chair & Bar Stool

Providing a mix of comfortable seating and visual appeal, these furniture pieces offer a modern and mid century aesthetic, while providing guests with a memorable and plush seating experience. Not your usual choice for a family-style restaurant, they end up fitting in well here.Somehow they both contrast and blend with the mix of subtle tones and earthy wood, and their eye-catching channeling and wide bucket seats beckon guests warmly.

Premium Aria Metal Chair

Offering customization with a choice of several vinyl colors, as well as various wood-look frame finishes, this contemporary chair will fit in a variety of commercial settings. Constructed with a durable metal frame, it is strong, sturdy, and long-lasting in high-traffic areas. Its channeled back and wide bucket seat promise comfort for guests, providing a memorable seating experience for all.

Premium Aria Metal Bar Stool

Premium Aria Metal Bar Stool

Offered with a durable metal frame available in several wood-look finishes, this stool features a mid-century style channeled clamshell back and plush padded vinyl seat in various color options. With a reinforcement bar under the seat that doubles as a footrest, this stool is sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.

Basel Metal Chair with Veneer Back and Seat

Normally seen in industrial-style venues, this minimalist chair fits in this design style with its subtle mix of wood and metal. The back and seat compliment the wood floors and neutral tones, and provide a simple and uncomplicated addition to the space.

restaurant seating

The chair shown above is similar to our Basel Metal Chair with Veneer Back & Seat , constructed with a fully welded metal frame and wood back and seat for durability and visual appeal. It’s gracefully curved frame and simple craftsmanship make it a versatile fit for a range of venues. Unobtrusive yet functional in any environment, it offers a reliable and long lasting seating solution.

Resin & Laminate Table Tops

The use of resin and laminate table tops in modern restaurant interior design is a popular choice, as these pieces are durable and easy to clean, and can mimic the look of wood or stone without the cost or upkeep. They can be adapted to any commercial environment with their diversity and customization options. In this venue, they are a practical and fitting addition, offering a classy look while providing a stain and scratch resistant surface that is easy to maintain.

restaurant seating

The table shown above is similar to our range of Resin and Laminate table tops. These sturdy pieces are crafted for strength and durability, and are well-known for their stain, scratch, and burn resistance. Offered in various finishes, including wood and stone look, single colors, and more, these tops will fit in many different decor styles. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, they are customizable to suit varying preferences and spatial layouts.

If you’re looking for an authentic Southern breakfast in a welcoming environment, look no further. Biscuits & Jams is the perfect spot to fill up and relax. Due to the popularity of the place, reservations are recommended for dinner and weekends. To book your time or view the menu, please visit their website: Biscuits & Jams.

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