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Bodegon - Washington DC

Bodegon restaurant - Washington DC

Bodegon is a Spanish tapas bar in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington DC, ringing the Barracks Row development as a place for tapas, paella, sangria, cured meats, and cheeses. They offer authentic Spanish delicious cuisine. The tapas bar offers a truly unique Spanish experience. Their open kitchen and dining room provide authentic Spanish décor including a display of original bullfighting costumes previously used in Spanish arenas. In addition to Spanish cured meats, customers can sample their famous Sangria and enjoy special events such as Flamenco dancing and special wine tasting. The tapas bar seeks to bring out the true spirit of Spain with an authentic atmosphere and classic Spanish dishes.

The restaurant interior features adobe brick walls painted in eggshell white which in addition to matador costumes also feature Spanish designed candles and oil paintings of flamenco dancers, colorful clay pots and dishes and planters with hanging flowers. The interior has high ceilings with decorative hanging lights such as Spanish style chandeliers and others resembling large bowls. There is natural hardwood flooring except for around the bar which has traditional dark blue and white Spanish tiles. Even though the tapas bar is in Washington DC, one could easily think they are in Madrid or Seville.

Restaurant Furniture - Chairs, tables and booths

For the seating, the owner of Bodegon, Moe Idrissi chose a mix of chairs and booths. For chairs, he bought the jasper metal restaurant chair. The metal and wood chair has rustic good looks that blend in with Spanish country style such as the off-white adobe brick walls. The chairs come with padded seats upholstered in black vinyl, black metal legs and a wood seat in walnut finish. The walnut finish blends nicely with the hardwood floors and the black matched the other furniture and provided a balance for the white walls. The chairs offer comfortable seating while helping to keep the authentic Spanish look.

For additional seating, Moe bought restaurant booths. He chose reclaimed style plain back dining booths with boxed seat frames. The reclaimed look wood was an excellent fit to match the Spanish decor or the tapas restaurant. The slightly weathered look of the wood box frames has a rustic appeal that blends in with the hardwood floors and the walnut finish on the jasper chairs. The booths came upholstered in black vinyl with the seats of the chairs and also had the effect of offsetting the white walls. Being a neutral color black is a popular upholstery choice for many chairs and booths. In the case of Bodega, not only did it flow well with the other colors and also helped accentuate the Spanish appearance. The booths give the tapas restaurant a prestigious like while still blending in with the casual ambiance.

Restaurant Furniture - Chairs, tables and booths

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