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Bonnie and Clydes Grill and Sports Bar - Hugoton, KS

Bonnie and Clydes Grill and Sports Bar

Bonnie & Clydes is a restaurant serving certified Angus beef, certified Angus steaks, signature dishes and homemade plates. The atmosphere is elegant and themed to Bonnie & Clyde’s era. The bar and grill’s interior has a light and airy feel with plenty of space between seating and light colored hardwood floors. Cream colored walls also add to the location’s fresh look and make it seem more open and spacious. The bar has a wood counter in mahogany finish which matches the decor and other furniture. The interior is lit by vintage hanging light fixtures that look like they are from the 1920’s era. Large vertical shaped windows also help illuminate the interior with natural light during the day time and show the street view of Monroe Street in Hugoton, Kansas. There is also Bonnie and Clyde memorabilia inside such as black and white photos and other artifacts or reproductions of artifacts related to the notorious bank robbers such as an old license plate from a car. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are reported to have spent time in Hugoton, where Bonnie ran a café called Jewel’s cafe where locals suspect the two ran a bootlegging operation.

The owner of Bonnie & Clydes wanted to provide different seating options for his clientele. With a mix of commercial chairs, bar stools and restaurant booths customers have a variety of choices to sit where they are most comfortable. He approached our experts to help him choosing the right items for all of his seating. For the dining room he went with ladder back chairs in silver vein metal finish. The ladder back chair is America’s most popular restaurant chair and the chair’s strong metal frame is a smart choice since it is very durable. The silver vein finish also fits in nicely with the 1920s black and white theme. The chairs were ordered with solid wood seats in mahogany finish to match the bar and other decor. The chair’s traditional good looks also fit in with the period theme since these chairs have a long history being a fixture in American restaurants and bars dating back to the 1920s.

Industrial Restaurant Furniture - Chairs, tables and bar stools

To go with the classic ladder back chairs, Bonnie & Clyde chose reversible table tops with mahogany and black finish. The reversible table tops are popular because they can blend in with all kinds of decor and are affordable. The mahogany finish of the table tops matches the mahogany seats of the chairs. It also flowed well with the decor such as the wood flooring and the wood bar. The table tops black t-mold edge also blended in well with the silver vein metal chairs and other furniture.

Industrial Restaurant Furniture - Chairs, tables and bar stools

Ladder Back Chair in Silver Vein Metal Finish

Silver vein metal finish and maghogany wood seat create a warm combination that is both welcoming and comfortable.

Reversible Laminate Table in Mahogany / Black Top

The laminate table top in mahogany finish matches perfectly the chairs and barstools and helps to create a cohesive design.

The bar and grill has seating at the bar and at bar height tables. For seating, the owner chose classic ladder bar stool in silver vein finish. The bar stools match the ladder back chairs and blend in with the overall decor. Ladder back metal bar stools are amongst the most popular bar stools. Many businesses of all types prefer them because they are versatile and durable. Paired with the stand alone bar height tables, these bar stools also helped boost the bar’s 1920’s and 30s era gangster image. Bar height tables paired with ladder back metal bar stools are a great way to add comfortable seating for people who want to enjoy a cocktail or alcoholic beverage but don’t want to sit at the bar. These tables provide little islands where guests can have more intimacy and chat while enjoying a drink. The fact that the tables match the dining tables helps give the bar and grill a cohesive look.

Industrial Restaurant Furniture - Chairs, tables and bar stools

Ladder Back Bar Stool in Silver Vein Metal Finish

To achieve a perfectly cohesive look the bar stools come in the same metal frame and wood seat finish as the chairs.

Bar Height Laminate Reversible Table in Mahogany / Black Top

The mahogany / black reversible table tops are elevated to bar height with X prong bar height table bases and the combination creates a beautiful and durable bar table.

To give customers more privacy and comfortable seating, the owner ordered plain back restaurant booths. The dining booths come upholstered in black vinyl which goes well with the reversible table tops black t-mold edge. The booths were placed rimming the bar and grill along the walls and near the window, creating a cozy space where guests can imagine Bonnie and Clyde might have hung out. Iron cast, x-prong table bases in a black powder coat finish provided a solid and attractive base to support the tables both for bar height and regular seating.

Restaurant Furniture - booths and tables

Plain Back Restaurant Booths

Nothing is as comofortable as a good restaurant booth. Booths are amongst the more sought aftrer seating by restaurant customers both for the comfort and the added privacy.

Cast Iron X Prong Table Base

X prong table bases are the unsung heroes of the restaurant. holding up the tables, bar tables and booth tables the bases have a classic, understated look that lets the rest of the furniture steal the show.

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