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Childer's Eatery - Peoria, IL

Childer’s has become the go to place for fresh, health food for the residents of Peoria, Illinois, The cafe has a welcoming, casual ambiance, that makes guests feel welcome. The expansive interior has a large, open floor plan that makes smart use of the dining space which includes round and square solid wood tables and chairs, and dining booths. The motif is a refined combination of modern, industrial design and country.

Childer's Eatery Design

industrial restaurant furniture

The combination of French doors, large windows and high ceilings give the dining space at Childer's Eatery an open feel. The interior is lit by recessed lighting and a combination of industrial and contemporary hanging fixtures around the bar seamlessly flow with the polished concrete floor and the stylish furniture. Greenery along the walls and above the open bar and French doors has a calming effect and adds to the country image. The use of plants and shrubs also contributes to the restaurant’s focus on fresh, healthy cuisine.

Plain Back Booths and Bistro Chairs

Booth Seating

The restaurant has several locations in Central Illinois, the seating at one of the locations features a combination of bistro style metal chairs and plain back booths in black vinyl. The bistro style chairs infuse a bit of industrial design that is balanced by hardwood plank flooring and greenery along the wall. The tables are draped in linen tablecloths and the dining booths are lined with planters for a more upscale look. The bistro style metal chairs help retain the cafe’s casual, relaxed image while the plain back booths give the decor a more elegant image. The result is a sophisticated look that comes across as inviting and unpretentious.
Silver Finish Ladder Back Chair

Commercial Dining Chairs

Light silver metal ladder back chairs make-up an important part of the seating composition. The classic looks meld with the decor and the light silver gives it a contemporary look and also matches the lighting fixtures, which give the chairs a soft glow. The chairs also have a wood seat in walnut finish which fit in with the eatery's natural appeal. To go with the chairs, solid wood butcher block table tops were also purchased. The table tops with bull-nose edge came in matching walnut finish and have a drop-leaf which can turn the square tables into a large, round table for additional seating capacity. This gives the restaurant more flexibility to meet its seating needs.
Button Tufted Back Restaurant Booths

Restaurant Booths, Wall Benches and Chairs

Button tufted back restaurant booths and wall benches in black vinyl provide additional comfortable seating. The wall benches, with bright greenery as a backdrop, are paired with light silver ladder back chairs help to maximize the seating space. The button tufted back booths have a distinguished look and are a smart choice to add to the seating mix, giving the interior a more high-end appearance and gives guests extra privacy. The booths help transform the eatery into a fine- casual dining destination and the combination of the booths and ladder back chairs also fits in with the modern industrial look. The button tufted back booths will upgrade any venue to a more respected establishment, and can meld with any decor whether it’s traditional, modern or industrial.
bistro style restaurant bar stools

Bar Side Seating

For guests coming in for a quick bite to eat or for some drinks, light silver ladder back bar stools provide bar side seating. While sitting comfortably at the bar, customers can enjoy watching the large-screen television. Framed with greenery and situated next to the large French windows, the bar is a relaxing spot to enjoy the mood. Windows at both ends of the bar provide plenty of natural lighting which is accentuated by low hanging soft light bulbs. The bar completes the restaurant giving their guests of every seating choice they’re in the mood for whether it’s a cozy booth, a casual chair or a comfortable bar stool. The bar and sleek looking bar stools are the finishing touch on an impressive venue.

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