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China Town Restaurant - Beaverton, OR

China Town Restaurant

China Town redesigned their location near the Nike Campus in Beaverton, Oregon. Well-known for serving authentic Chinese cuisines, China Town offers a wide selection of traditional Chinese dishes. They have become particularly famous for their dim sum, which has been cited as the best dim sum north of San Francisco. They are also known for their other authentic Chinese dishes such as chow mein, roasted duck, roasted pork and their Szechuan dishes.

China Town Restaurant boasts a huge dining room with seating for many people. The interior design reflects conventional Chinese motifs with a large mural of the Great Wall of China and classic Chinese paintings of traditional figures such as ancient warriors and other scenes from China’s imperial period. Guests are greeted by a large golden crane which is a symbol of longevity and wisdom in oriental culture. The flooring is covered in earth colored tiling reminiscent of rural Han Dynasty landscape and adds to the pastoral theme. The walls have wood paneling made to look like bamboo shoots found in many villages in the Chinese countryside. The mural and some of the paintings also feature traditional Chinese characters. The restaurant also has a bar serving wine and beer.

China Town Restaurant

The combination of the solid wood table tops and chairs in matching dark mahogany finish help create the look and feel of an authentic, traditional Chinese restaurant. The ability to have the extra seating capacity is important since China Town is a family friendly restaurant and these tables are great for large gatherings as it adds to the versatility of the place allowing for “on the fly” accommodation of the seating layout.

China Town Restaurant

Wood Restaurant Chairs

To help blend in with the traditional Chinese pastoral look the US made vertical slat solid wood chairs in dark mahogany finish were chosen. The chairs have a classic appeal that accentuate the traditional Chinese motif and the padded, wine colored, vinyl seats match the restaurant’s color scheme while allowing diners to sit in comfort and enjoy their meal. The commercial grade wood chairs are made to look good and last long for many years, withstanding the heavy traffic the restaurant receives and adding to the restaurant’s prestigious image.
China Town Restaurant

Solid Wood Table Tops

To go with the classic solid wood chairs the US made solid wood plank table tops were ordered in matching dark mahogany finish and with drop leaf. The solid wood tops’ beauty and natural grain is the perfect complement to the classic chairs and the traditional Chinese image. Having drop leaf tables makes it easy for the restaurant to easily add extra seating capacity when needed and save room by folding up the drop leaves when they aren’t needed. The 42” x 42” tables expand to 60” diameter tables in seconds going from seating 4 to 8 people comfortably.

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